Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Get Your 'Freshlook' at The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa

At The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa, we understand the weather gets a bit quirky and colder this time of year and perhaps a specific bob would be a nice change. Paul Kenneth recommend suggests to work with the quirkiness, there are two kind of bobs that he sees as most fitting. He envisions something a bit free-spirited looking where the foundation is a bob and adds a bit of tousled touch with some nice non-overwhelming waves here and there which made it look interestingly youthful (worn by Jessica Alba in the first photo)

There is also another version of this length bob which has a much more mature look and feel but overall a very strong style.
(the opposite spectrum shown in the 2nd photo). The sleek look gives it a very couture feel and could be worn with a beautiful gown or form fitting jeans and look fabulous.

Paul kenneth recommends anyone of his well trained designers to create these two different 'Freshlooks' that will look great this time of year as the cold move in and clothing hues and colors will become darker.

make an appt today http://www.pksalon.com/Book-Appointment.html

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paul Kenneth Salon delivers TOTAL MAKE-OVER with Kara Baker Photography

The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa and Kara Baker Photography 'Make-Over Winner', Deb. She is a mom of twin 5-year old girls that doesn't very often get to put herself first. The staff at Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa gave her a 'fresh look' that she can be comfortable putting together everyday. That is what they do everyday, with each and every client.

To see  more step by step details on the make over day, go to http://karabakerphotography.blogspot.com/

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall is right around the corner which means everyone will start wearing darker attire and be bundled up.  A brand new hair tone is the quick fix you’ll need to stand out from the crowd and make your look more noticeable and stylish. Add a light touch to certain areas of your hair (like the image above -  portion of the bangs) with some latest color combo alternatives such as blonde, chocolate brown, or orange; these are the best shades to tint a few strands and it is a great way to attract immediate attention. I think this color paneling technique/idea is suitable for all types of hairs – but make sure to pick a hue that matches your hair color and skin tone!

Come see a Paul kenneth Professional to get your 'Rock Star' color 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Fall Fresh Look' with a Paul Kenneth Professional

In this case…YES! TO BOB! Keira Knightley is one of the few people that whatever hair she sports, she looks beautiful. Okay, Okay, perhaps that's a little bias. This photo was taken recently at the Chanel show in Paris during Fashion Week and the bob really fits her. It gives her the right amount of elegance, chic-ness, but at the same time stay a little edgy. Generally, as women get older, they would gradually cut their hair shorter and shorter because it would aid an illusion that’ll make them look “younger” (a lot would get bobs as an easy cut) – generally it is not true, and won’t fit for most people – but with Keira, and her new angled bob, it does! I think she looks so fresh with this new hairdo, totally renewed. It compliments her face structure and her blessed high cheekbones. Looking at this picture, makes many want a bob now, not all face structure are able to pull off a Keira, but if you know you can! Please do! very hot, good job Keira.

Come in and Get your 'Fresh Fall' Look with a Paul Kenneth Professional. They will take the time to analyze your face structure and head form and give you that personalized 'Rock Star' look.

See Paul Kenneth Photo Shoot Gallery below

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Thursday, October 13, 2011


PK's Product Awareness Exchange
Since October is Awareness Month,
bring in 2 over-the-counter products
and receive 50% off, or
3 products and receive 60% off our
PK Signature Line.

Our Signature Line is 100% Vegan, Paraben free,
Sulfate free, Gluten Free,
Does Not Test on Animals and Contains 50% recycled materials.

Below you will find harmul ingredients and effects in over-the-counter products. Check the ingredients in your products and bring them to the Paul Kenneth Salon for a huge savings!
Offer is valid for the Month of October Only.


  • Table salt is used as a filler to thicken shampoo and will strip the color from your hair as well as  damage the hair’s cuticle resulting in dry, drab, split, brittle or frizzy hair
  • Coal Tar is used to thicken shampoo, but is also used to remove rust from metal
  • Silicone (aka any chemical name that ends in the last four letters of C O N E)  is used as the conditioning agent which takes 14 days to be completely washed off your hair
  • Food coloring is used as the coloring ingredient
  • Petroleum and animal fats are used to give hair shine, which causes build-up
    • Build-up is responsible for weighing the hair down, breakage, the inability of hair to hold a curl and prevents color and perm solutions from penetrating the hair shaft
  • They don’t know the difference between hair color and unwanted foreign particles, such as dirt and oil

  • Concentrated so that only a small amount is needed
  • Made with the highest quality cleansing and conditioning agents
  • pH balanced, which protects your hair from the environment, prolonging the longevity of your hair color by slowing down the dye from escaping your hair
  • They have plenty of expert research behind them
  • Products are actually customized and don’t just claim it on the bottle
  • Will not cause build up or strip the hair of color and vital moisture
  • Many contain sunscreens specifically designed for hair
  • Diversion is the process of products being sold outside of its authorized chain of distribution
  • The products maybe one of three things:
    1. Stolen- a breach in contracts between the manufacturer and wholesaler
    2. Old- professional products have a shelf life of 1 year
    3. Tampered with/ Counterfeit- ingredients may be diluted or substituted
Restrictions may apply.

Paul Kenneth Salon, the leading color salon in greater Boston


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paul Kenneth Salon Supports TOTAL MAKE-OVER with Kara Baker Photography

(photo PK Design Team)
(photo PK Design Team)

Message from KARA BAKER PHOTOGRAPHY(KBS).............
KBS has undergone a total brand make-over and wants to celebrate with you. In order to celebrate this event KBS is offering A TOTAL MAKE-OVER from... in support of the AWARD WINNING (TOP 200 SALONS IN THE COUNTRY among other awards!)... The PAUL KENNETH SALON!

Kara Baker Photography and The Paul Kenneth Salon are putting their heads and talents together to offer you a chance to win a complete make-over; hair cut, color, style and make-up! This is HUGE!

From Kara Baker, I (personally) stumbled across the Paul Kenneth Salon over 3 years ago, when I was pregnant with my son. My sister wanted highlights in her (dark brown) hair and I was certain I could pull it off with just a quick trip to a high-end beauty store. Hours later, we realized how wrong I was. I had tried other salons in my area in the past, and was not satisfied at all so I wasn't about to bring her there to fix what I had done. The Paul Kenneth Salon had been recommended by both friends and family; said to be like "Newbury Street in Woburn" and they could NOT have been any more right! I called and they told us to come down there that day. PAUL KENNETH HIMSELF sat down with my sister and I for a consult. I told him what I did and he told me they would fix it. He set us up with Amy (the best hair-stylist on the planet, in my humble opinion). I could not believe the results. They took an absolute mess and turned it into the best cut and color I had ever seen (not only on my sister, Emily, but maybe on anyone). I immediately made my own appointment and have been going there ever since and not once have I looked back. I couldn't believe the way we were treated (having never been there before, and having just butchered hair so badly). I have never had an experience like this before ever. The Paul Kenneth Salon is UNMATCHED in quality, customer service, and satisfaction.

To say that I feel HONORED that the PK Salon is willing to do this giant giveaway with me is an understatement!
Go to http://karabakerphotography.blogspot.com/  for details to WIN this exciting make-over.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Join the YMCA Woburn and receive a $10 gift card to The Paul Kenneth Salon

We recognize that true beauty comes from taking care of yourself both inside and out. Anyone who joins the YMCA, Woburn now through November 15th will receive a $10 Paul Kenneth's gift card to be used at The Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa.

As a company, Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa has always championed  health and wellness.  In the beauty industry, the focus is frequently on the outward appearance, but we recognize that true beauty comes from being healthy inside and in turn, looking great on the outside.  Obesity is a disease that can devastate millions of lives, and we want to do our part to try to raise awareness, fund research, and continue the goal of the cure.

At Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa, we are hoping that the incentive of receiving a gift card will inspire people to join the YMCA.  We recognize that true beauty comes from taking care of the body, inside and out, and if we can help shine a spotlight on the importance of physical exercise as an overall part of beauty, we are thrilled to be able to do so.

About The North Suburban YMCA The North Suburban YMCA is committed to helping children, families and individuals live longer, healthier lives through affordable and accessible programs and activities. Two pools, extensive group exercise, league sports, fitness, childcare and teen programs result in fun for the whole family.  We are proud to be part of the YMCA of Greater Boston, the largest provider of social services in the Commonwealth.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Paul Kenneth Salon, one of the most published salons in the United States, is looking for ONLY 10 MODELS for the upcoming photo shoot, October 9th. Send head shot to  http://pksalon.com/salon/model_program.html#photoshoot or check out http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paul-Kenneth-Salon-Spa/134502182334 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paul Kenneth Salon Hair Services Benefit The YMCA, Greater Boston

Paul Kenneth Salon hair services Benefit The Y

Thurs., Sept. 1 – Wed., Sept. 7, 2011

Join Paul Kenneth Salon in Woburn for a week of community support for the North Suburban YMCA in Woburn. Paul Kenneth Salon will donate 5% of proceeds for all hair services from Thurs., Sept. 1 – Wed., Sept. 7. Mention the YMCA and you will get a complimentary manicure http://www.pksalon.com/ with your hair services! The YMCA is dedicated to improving the health of mind, body, and spirit of individuals and families in our community.

About The North Suburban YMCA
The North Suburban YMCA is committed to helping children, families and individuals live longer, healthier lives through affordable and accessible programs and activities. Two pools, extensive group exercise, league sports, fitness, childcare and teen programs result in fun for the whole family.  We are proud to be part of the YMCA of Greater Boston, the largest provider of social services in the Commonwealth.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After FUN in the SUN, SAND, SALT WATER, POOL, HEAT, your HAIR....

After spending your time in the sun, vacationing in the sand and salt water, frequent trips to the pool and enduring the blistering heat, your hair is more than likely not feeling great.  Your color may have faded to a brassy or dull shade; you could be experiencing frizz and brittleness; or just feel like your hair isn't quite looking its best.  Don't worry, though, this damage is easily repaired! Just follow these steps for hair repair:

Replace Moisture by Conditioning
Summer heat, the sun, and exposure to such elements as salt water and chlorine do nothing but dry our hair out.  The obvious answer to this problem is to condition in order to replace the moisture that was lost, but don't just trust your normal everyday conditioner -- it may not be enough.  Try a masque like Paul Kenneth's Indulge Masque ($20.00) that will penetrate deep into the hair shaft and leave your hair feeling much smoother and healthier.  Use it every time you wash your hair for a week, then use once or twice a week to keep your hair from feeling dry.

Banish Frizz
Everyone wants their hair to look healthy, and frizziness takes away from the smooth, shiny look that so many people seek.  Getting rid of frizz used to be quite the challenge, but advances in hair care have made it much simpler.  You can opt for a long-term treatment, such as the Keratin Smoothing Treatment (starting at...$275) or Express Smoothing Treatment ($165) for results that last 6 weeks to 3 months.  Or try any of our smoothing products, such as the Keratin Therapy line of styling products, shampoo, and conditioner ($24) that will help heal any broken strands of hair and give your overall appearance luster and smoothness.

Refresh Your Color
The sun fades colors, including in your hair.  If you typically have highlights, you'll probably notice that after summer they can appear brassy or yellowish.  Those with darker hair or red shades might feel like their hair lacks its usual depth and shine.  The answer to this is simple -- schedule a visit to the salon!  The end of summer is the perfect time to touch up and refresh your color, and maybe even try something new for autumn.  Just schedule highlights or a color retouch at Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa and you'll be well on your way to having fabulous color again.

Use the Right Shampoo
While you may be looking for body and volume, make sure to use the proper shampoo for your hair type.  If you have dry, damaged hair, you're better off using a moisturizing shampoo in the shower, then relying on styling products and blow-drying to achieve body and lift at the roots.  Since shampoo is rinsed out anyway, it has a more beneficial effect if you look at your hair texture to decide which type to use: Anti-Fade to reduce color fade, Highlights to keep your highlights bright and not brassy, Anti Frizz to smooth hair and reduce frizz, Pure Moisture to add moisture to dry hair, Maximum Fullness for hair that tends to get limp or weighed down easily.
Be Careful When Detangling
Dry hair is naturally more brittle and prone to breakage, so it is most vulnerable when wet and you're trying to comb through it or detangle.  Try the Paul Kenneth's tangle Tamer brush, which detangles hair effortlessly without pulling or breaking strands.
Always trust your Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa  professional stylist to get your hair in the best shape possible.  We have in-salon and take-home deep conditioning treatments that can rehab your hair from damaged to healthy in no time!

Check out our Facebook page or send us your email address to info@pksalon.com for any up to date discounts: currently there are special offers for the Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Express Treatment, plus all pk retail products are buy 4 get the 5th free! 

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


New Products at The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa:
Keratin Therapy for All Types of Hair

Keratin protein is the newest technology in hairstyling to help achieve a soft, touchable, manageable look that is frizz-free and easy to style. Keratin builds a bond around the hair shaft, taming frizz and giving shine.  The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa has brought in three new products that utilize up to 10% pure Keratin protein to repair, revitalize, and smooth hair: Keratin Therapy Shampoo, Keratin Therapy Conditioner, and Keratin Therapy Styling Product.

 Keratin Therapy Products
These are the ultimate for smoothing hair and making it more manageable! They are totally free of damaging salts and sulfates and are also color-safe, formaldehyde-free, and gluten-free.  They nourish your hair as they cleanse and condition to smooth the cuticle and provide enrichment for damaged hair. Since these products are so highly concentrated, just like all of The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa professional products, you only need a small amount.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is a stuctural protein that is a major component of our skin, nails, and hair.  When Keratin is a key ingredient in hair products, it helps to rebuild the hair structure, forming a bond around each individual follice, which can greatly reduce frizziness, split ends, a rough hair texture, and damaged appearances.  The Keratin that is used in The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa Keratin Therapy comes from virgin wool of New Zealand sheep, so it is completely pure and concentrated up to 10% in each product.

Help Increase the Longevity of Your Keratin Smoothing Treatment
If you have received the The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa Keratin Smoothing Treatment or Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment, you have experienced the amazing results it gives to the hair -- smoother, softer, more manageable hair that is frizz-free and takes much less time to style.  These products are helpful for keeping that treatment in your hair for as long as possible, increasing the longevity of the Keratin bond.  

Keratin Therapy: Repair, Replenish, Revitalize
For the next two months, these products are 10% off, with 5% of the purchase price going to the Woburn Social Service aspart of Paul  Kenneth Salon & Spa partnership with that organization.  Experience these new products at a discounted rate while contributing to a worthy cause.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SIZZLING SUMMER 'Keratin Special' at the PK Salon.....



The Sizzling Summer Keratin Special, being extended to Bloggers only this week, 40% Off any Keratin Express, Full or 'The Revolutionary De-Frizz Straightening System'.
(From $70- $160 OFF - YOU DECIDE!)
Don't miss out on this one time offer, good today July 25-July 30, 2011. mention 'Blogger1 for the special rate' and get a complimentary travel size gift with one a special. (exceptions apply, only one promo used at a time)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What People Are Saying About The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa....

We realize the best compliment you can give us is a referral and we thank you for all the referrals in the social media you have given us. We would like to share a few with the rest of our bloggers so they know what people are saying about 'The Paul Kenneth Salon' .  We invite you to come in and experience the same excellent treatment (complimentary signature facial with a full keratin treatment). Here are just a few things that people are saying....

Best way to spend a day
by skeeleyma at Citysearch

How much do I love this place? I want to move in, that's how much! Well, actually, I practically do once a month. I show up on a Saturday morning and let the ladies of the salon lavish their care and attention on my head, my fingertips, my toes. It's pure happiness sitting in this salon. The employees strike the perfect balance of friendly and professional. If you feel like chatting, they chat. If you need quiet reading time, they leave you alone.
As for services, this salon -- Jen in particular --gives me consistently, hands down, the best haircuts I've ever received. Turnover is low so when you get a great stylist, you know she'll be around for years. And if she happens to leave, there's always a great new stylist being trained.
It's the value that's a stand-out here though. You get Newbury Street quality service at suburban prices. Seriously, what's not to love about Paul Kenneth Salon?

Great Hair Salon
by Busy Mom 3 at Citysearch
Came to Tanya after many disappointing experiences at my previous salon. She is awesome! She gave me a great cut, color & highlight, and I am a very happy customer. The salon is accomodating and professional. Highly recommend!

Best Salon in town
by davesusmc at Citysearch
I have been coming to PK Salon for a little over a year now. Nina is the most talented hair stylist in the greater Boston Area. Thank you for always making my hair look great. I highly recommend this salon to anyone!!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!
by Domin41766 at Citysearch
I am finally writing this long overdue review. I am one of those people that can never make up my mind for hair color or style. I usually make an appointment and end up changing it. They are always so accommodating and it doesn't matter who I see, I always get great advice and end up loving my hair. They work together so well that I feel comfortable jumping around to different people. I am so busy and they get it. I highly recommend this salon. They know customer service!

The Paul Kenneth Salon, the most sought after salon in greater Boston

Monday, June 13, 2011

Want To Look and Feel Younger, PK Has The Revolutionary, First To Market....

The Paul Kenneth Salon is proud to announce the coming of the amazing 'Satin Smooth Delux SmoothSculpt',  Breakthrough Technology Focusing on Firming and Tightening Skin. It is an innovative new method designed to help smooth, contour, and tighten skin on all area of the face and body by combining advanced aesthetic technology with non-invasive holistic approach to skin revitalization.  By utilizing pressure pulsing and gentle suction action to fight the appearance of stagnation, leaving skin healthy looking,

SmoothSculpt focuses on the treatment of Extra Cellular Matrix, (ECM) which is a FILTER SYSTEM which sits between blood vessels, nerves and cells. Over time, cellular debris and toxins accumulate and create skin dibbles or cellulite. The treatment is administered by a trained professional who will use a cupping wand which utilizes pressure (pulsing) and suction movement to stimulate the skin. This action will promote lymphatic drainage; relieve lymphatic blockage and stagnation of ECM. This will also help cleanse the ECM, support blood flow and collagen stimulation to plump and firm the skin.

The science behind the SmoothSculpt is to unclog the stagnation and congestion, while breaking down fat and reducing the appearance of cellulite with the pulsing and suction effects. The treatment is chemical free, there are no injections, no down time and there are noticeable results based on your age and diet.
 (kim kardashian favorite tool for her booty)  More details to come.........

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We all have the spending question....What do I get when I spend money with you?  Well, we have the answer...  one of the benefits of being a Paul Kenneth Salon guest is that you earn points that equate to money for everything you purchase (services, retail products, appliances).  The Paul Kenneth Salon Point System also awards you for participating in our same day prebook system and our refer a friend program.  Those points then equate to dollars on your own personal account.  It's an easy way to get the product you (or someone you know) can use to maintain a great color, cut or skincare. It's really a win win, so don't forget to book your next appointment before you leave so you can start earning points.

It's like having money in the bank...You decide when and how you want to use it.  Your account total will print on every receipt so you will always be aware of how much you have in your account.

Since 2008, The Paul Kenneth Salon has given over $75,000 back to its guests.  We realize that time is something none of us have enough of and you have a choice on where to spend your time. We value you and appreciate you spending your time with us.  The Paul Kenneth Salon, where investing in your beauty, makes you money.

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brian and Sandra Smith Educate Exclusively with The PK Team

Brian and Sandra Smith host the whole Paul Kenneth Team, one on one. They showed the team some extensive upstyle work, unique haircuts and more. The Team is very excited to incorporate some of the new techniques into their guests styles. The team was grateful to spend such exclusive time with the dynamic duo.


A bit of history, Brian and Sandra Smith, Matrix Artistic Directors have been long associated eith the beauty industry. They were voted 2 0f the top 75 'Educators of The Century', by Modern Salon Readers. In 2006, they won International Stylists of the Year in the Canadian Mirror Awards. In 2008, they were Avante Garde finalists in the AIPP Awards in Paris France.

In 2009, The Smith's won the prestigious "Master's Hairstylists of the Year Award."

The Designers of Paul Kenneth Salon look forward to servicing you with these new techniques.

Paul Kenneth Salon, the leading color salon in greater Boston

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paul Kenneth Salon, Readers Choice Award, 2011

Thank you to all of our loyal clients who voted for us. We appreciate your support and want you to know how much this award means to us. Our goal is to always make you look and feel your best -- that's why your votes, mean so much to us. We strive to provide the highest quality services of any salon in the area, and it looks like our hard work has paid off!  We promise to keep giving you the individual attention and quality services that you have come to expect every time you come to Paul Kenneth Salon.
Look for a special section featuring all the winning businesses, including Paul Kenneth Salon, on June 23rd.

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Want To Look and Feel Younger, PK Has The Revolutionary, First To Market....

The Paul Kenneth Salon is proud to announce the coming of the amazing 'Satin Smooth Delux SmoothSculpt'. It utilizes pressure pulsing and gentle suction action to fight the appearance of stagnation, leaving skin healthy looking, Contours, tightens, tones and defines loose, sagging skin and fine wrinkles anywhere on the body or face.  No harsh chemicals, moves toxins through naturally (kim kardashian favorite tool for her booty)  More details to come.........

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Intercoiffure America-Canada's Spring Symposium

The industry's best and brightest gathered in Miami's South Beach for Intercoiffure America-Canada's Spring Symposium.  Vivienne Mackinder, a well-known leader and innovator in the hair design field, was a key presenter and styled many of the hair models to demonstrate the latest trends. Her theme of "Shadows and Shapes" brings an architectural look to hairstyles with clean lines, strong edges, and softened styles with an abstract look. Hair color ranges from avant-garde blue to orange-y red to the beautiful classic shades of blonde and brunette.
While some of the hairstyles you see at these types of shows aren't necessarily ready-to-wear, you can interpret them to a wearable, easy-to-manage style with the help of a Paul Kenneth Salon's hair designer. See a certain look that appeals to you? Examine the elements that you like specifically: is it the clean lines? the length? the angle? There are many components to a hair style and your professional stylist at Paul Kenneth Salon can help you determine a look that will work best for your specific face shape, hair texture, and preferences -- that's what our  consultation is for!
Intercoiffure is a worldwide organization made up of over 3,000 of the highest-quality salons across 55 countries. Paul Kenneth Salon is proud to be part of this association and views it as yet another seal of quality for our professionals and the work they create.

paul kenneth salon and spa, the most sought after salon in greater boston

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feathers, The Latest Hair Trend!

Birds of a feather - flock together in blond hair, brunette hair, any color. The latest hair trend isn't so much for the birds but for the fashion-forward.
It's feather extensions for your hair. Or, as Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa calls it - Feather Fringe.
"It has been an amazing hair phenomenon," said Paul Kenneth, Paul Kenneth Salon. "They can go anywhere from classic to funky to colorful. It's a real, full gamut of opportunity for every type of person."
The salon just added Feathers and bling strands to its list of services last week. It costs $15 a feather or five for $60.
They come in a variety of shades, from neutrals to neon-colored. Pure-white feathers can accent a bride's hair. It might sound odd, but it is  gorgeous.
"It's been really popular for people who have to have more of a conservative style," she said. "The feathers give you edge, but they're easily hidden if you want."
The feathers attach at the base of the hair shaft like regular hair extensions. And in case you were wondering, the feather extensions are pretty durable and can be curled, flat-ironed and blow-dried.

Book an appointment today

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lashful, Not Bashful: Are the Individually Glued on Lashes for You?

No matter what your makeup style – from naturally demure to a smoky eyed Glamazon – there isn’t one of us who doesn’t want long and luscious lashes. While we might be satisfied with our eye shadows, and firmly set with our foundation, mascara is probably the one beauty product we’re always changing in hopes of finding a new one that will give our lashes the WOW factor.

For the past few years, the individually glued on lashes have been garnering devoted fans. They add so much drama to your look, much more than even the best mascara and they never look fake, like the ones we apply at home.  Expert,   Melanie Mills, Makeup Artist for "Dancing with the Stars": Ardell is truly my number one choice when I go for lashes. I love the variety and how long they last. When you pull them off the packaging, they don't curl up or wobble around! I especially love the Invisi-Bands for a "no-makeup look". You can't even tell you have lashes on! On "Dancing with the Stars", we literally go through hundreds of lashes: We double them, cut them and layer them. Our favorites on the show is are the Ardell Wispies, Demi Wispies, #117, #118, #114, and the #115.

Outside of "Dancing with The Stars", I use Ardell Lashes with every look! Ardell # 103 is a nice natural lash, and I love throwing on Ardell Individuals all over lash line or just on the upper corners. I have used Ardell lashes on Toni Braxton, Brooke Brurke, Kate Gosselin, Pam Anderson, Lil' Kim, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Jane Seymore, Priscilla Presley, Shawn Johnson, Natalie Coughlin, Mel B, Macy Gray, Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Tia Carrere, and Megan Hilty,

Jennifer Anniston, The real trick for red carpet eyes...For every day, you might opt out of these. But for a special occasion, Aniston tends to wear a few false lashes. Ardell Fashion Lashes, #110, are so natural-looking, you might even forget you're wearing them by the end of the night. "Trim the lash strip to the length of your natural eye width," Runne says.  http://www.ardelllashes.com/inthepress/Blog-Links/

There are so many new trend options for eyelashes. The false lashes can be individual or strip, demi or permanent.  There is also have a new product that just came out that contains a proprietary blend of peptides and conditioners that will boost the appearance of your natural eyelashes in 4 to 12 weeks. 

What’s the process of applying these lashes and how long will they last?
MM: The lashes are applied one by one as you are sitting or lying down, what ever your preference. It takes 10 to 20 min for a full set of upper lashes to be applied. The lashes are permanently glued onto your individual eyelashes and there’s no way to detect where the glue meets your natural lash.

How much length and volume does it create?
MM: Your lashes can be 50% longer and 30% thicker. Once you have these lashes applied, you do not use mascara or an eyelash curler. You can use mascara on the bottom, as most people don’t have the extensions put on the bottom lashes.
MM: Because application to lower lashes has to be done with open eyes and it’s a little uncomfortable, and they don’t last as long because different glue has to be used.
Tell me about the lashes and the glue. Are there differences in quality?
MM: The individual lashes are synthetic, the strip are human hair. The glue is really the key thing to ask questions about.  The demi and permanent glue  is 100% latex free.

How long will the lashes last and is there any special maintenance?
MM: The permanent lashes are glued to your natural lashes and stay on for the growth cycle of the lash. That’s usually between 3 to 4 weeks. To maintain a full look, I recommend getting a fill-in approximately every 10 days. You do need to be careful to not get moisturizers or eye creams on the lashes as they can break down the adhesive bond.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Create your own unique polish!

with CND unique polish!



Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa is has the unique nail polish brand Colour & Effects by CND that promises to bring an extra pizzazz to your style. The colors can be worn alone, as subtle and classy, or you can choose to add a little excitement with the effects.

CND has created 15 effects that can be used on any color to coincide with your every mood. The effects range from subdued to loud and exciting with effects like Sapphire Sparkle, Copper Pearl, Gold Sparkle and Scarlet Shimmer.

Depending on your style, combinations like Fireberry and Copper Shimmer, Raspberry Parfait and Gold Sparkle, or Tutu and Lavender Pearl will be sure to kick your look up a notch.

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hair Removal Tips

Ladies, let's admit it -- we ALL have hair that grows in unwanted areas.  Stray brow hairs, underarms, faces, and ... more private areas.  Now that we've admitted to this issue, let's take a look at the options for hair removal.  There are expensive and painful procedures, all kinds of sketchy gadgets advertised on infomercials, and don't forget about the old standard -- a razor and shaving gel.  Waxing, however, is the best choice available! 
Waxing at Paul Kenneth Salon &Spa gives you the best value for your money because it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars per treatment, but it will last much longer than shaving.  We offer face and body waxing services. Why is waxing at Paul Kenneth Salon the best choice for you:
Ease and Convenience of Waxing
Our certified professionals are trained in the latest methods for removing unwanted hair as quickly, completely, and as comfortably as possible.  Waxing is a great way to prepare for a vacation or honeymoon.  Results vary, but a waxing treatment can last for weeks or months!  Waxing will also slow down hair growth over time, so the more you wax, the less you have to worry about unwanted hair.
If you are getting your first body waxing treatment, here are some tips on how to prepare:
·  Allow hair to grow for a period of time before your waxing service.  The hair should be about 1/4 inch long, which is about the length of a grain of rice.  This allows the wax to grab the hair follicle completely for the best removal results.
·  Gentle exfoliation the day before your waxing service can help prevent ingrown hairs. 

  The Art of the Brow Arch 
You may be surprised at how a professional brow shaping can dramatically change your overall appearance.  At Paul Kenneth Salon, our licensed professionals can give your brows a new shape that will complement your appearance and give a flattering effect.  After receiving a "brow makeover", many clients are surprised at how it changes their whole look in a great way! 
There are a lot of factors involved in shaping brows correctly, including:
  • Shape of eyes
  • Width and height of the brow area
  • Space between eyes
  • Natural growth patterns of the brows
Paul Kenneth Salon licensed professionals are knowledgeable about all of these areas and will explain the best option for you. 
Working towards filling in your brows or achieving a new shape or arch?  No problem!  Waxing or Threading can help with this process by eliminating hair that is not contributing to the look and allowing growth in other areas.  No matter what your goal, a Paul Kenneth Salon licensed professional can help you -- just schedule an appointment  and you'll be on your way to the perfect brow arch!
Worried about redness or irritation after your facial waxing service?  Our licensed professionals will apply Mirabella mineral makeup powder after your service to cover up any temporary redness and to enhance your newly arched brow.  The gentle mineral makeup is non-irritating and won't block pores or bother sensitive skin.  This makes it convenient to schedule your appointment on your lunch break or while running errands -- you can go about your day without worrying about redness around the brow area! 
Imagine the convenience of not having to shave on your beach vacation or never having to try to shape your own brows again.  Schedule your waxing appointment at Paul Kenneth Salon!