Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paul Kenneth Salon Hair Services Benefit The YMCA, Greater Boston

Paul Kenneth Salon hair services Benefit The Y

Thurs., Sept. 1 – Wed., Sept. 7, 2011

Join Paul Kenneth Salon in Woburn for a week of community support for the North Suburban YMCA in Woburn. Paul Kenneth Salon will donate 5% of proceeds for all hair services from Thurs., Sept. 1 – Wed., Sept. 7. Mention the YMCA and you will get a complimentary manicure with your hair services! The YMCA is dedicated to improving the health of mind, body, and spirit of individuals and families in our community.

About The North Suburban YMCA
The North Suburban YMCA is committed to helping children, families and individuals live longer, healthier lives through affordable and accessible programs and activities. Two pools, extensive group exercise, league sports, fitness, childcare and teen programs result in fun for the whole family.  We are proud to be part of the YMCA of Greater Boston, the largest provider of social services in the Commonwealth.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After FUN in the SUN, SAND, SALT WATER, POOL, HEAT, your HAIR....

After spending your time in the sun, vacationing in the sand and salt water, frequent trips to the pool and enduring the blistering heat, your hair is more than likely not feeling great.  Your color may have faded to a brassy or dull shade; you could be experiencing frizz and brittleness; or just feel like your hair isn't quite looking its best.  Don't worry, though, this damage is easily repaired! Just follow these steps for hair repair:

Replace Moisture by Conditioning
Summer heat, the sun, and exposure to such elements as salt water and chlorine do nothing but dry our hair out.  The obvious answer to this problem is to condition in order to replace the moisture that was lost, but don't just trust your normal everyday conditioner -- it may not be enough.  Try a masque like Paul Kenneth's Indulge Masque ($20.00) that will penetrate deep into the hair shaft and leave your hair feeling much smoother and healthier.  Use it every time you wash your hair for a week, then use once or twice a week to keep your hair from feeling dry.

Banish Frizz
Everyone wants their hair to look healthy, and frizziness takes away from the smooth, shiny look that so many people seek.  Getting rid of frizz used to be quite the challenge, but advances in hair care have made it much simpler.  You can opt for a long-term treatment, such as the Keratin Smoothing Treatment (starting at...$275) or Express Smoothing Treatment ($165) for results that last 6 weeks to 3 months.  Or try any of our smoothing products, such as the Keratin Therapy line of styling products, shampoo, and conditioner ($24) that will help heal any broken strands of hair and give your overall appearance luster and smoothness.

Refresh Your Color
The sun fades colors, including in your hair.  If you typically have highlights, you'll probably notice that after summer they can appear brassy or yellowish.  Those with darker hair or red shades might feel like their hair lacks its usual depth and shine.  The answer to this is simple -- schedule a visit to the salon!  The end of summer is the perfect time to touch up and refresh your color, and maybe even try something new for autumn.  Just schedule highlights or a color retouch at Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa and you'll be well on your way to having fabulous color again.

Use the Right Shampoo
While you may be looking for body and volume, make sure to use the proper shampoo for your hair type.  If you have dry, damaged hair, you're better off using a moisturizing shampoo in the shower, then relying on styling products and blow-drying to achieve body and lift at the roots.  Since shampoo is rinsed out anyway, it has a more beneficial effect if you look at your hair texture to decide which type to use: Anti-Fade to reduce color fade, Highlights to keep your highlights bright and not brassy, Anti Frizz to smooth hair and reduce frizz, Pure Moisture to add moisture to dry hair, Maximum Fullness for hair that tends to get limp or weighed down easily.
Be Careful When Detangling
Dry hair is naturally more brittle and prone to breakage, so it is most vulnerable when wet and you're trying to comb through it or detangle.  Try the Paul Kenneth's tangle Tamer brush, which detangles hair effortlessly without pulling or breaking strands.
Always trust your Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa  professional stylist to get your hair in the best shape possible.  We have in-salon and take-home deep conditioning treatments that can rehab your hair from damaged to healthy in no time!

Check out our Facebook page or send us your email address to for any up to date discounts: currently there are special offers for the Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Express Treatment, plus all pk retail products are buy 4 get the 5th free! 

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


New Products at The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa:
Keratin Therapy for All Types of Hair

Keratin protein is the newest technology in hairstyling to help achieve a soft, touchable, manageable look that is frizz-free and easy to style. Keratin builds a bond around the hair shaft, taming frizz and giving shine.  The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa has brought in three new products that utilize up to 10% pure Keratin protein to repair, revitalize, and smooth hair: Keratin Therapy Shampoo, Keratin Therapy Conditioner, and Keratin Therapy Styling Product.

 Keratin Therapy Products
These are the ultimate for smoothing hair and making it more manageable! They are totally free of damaging salts and sulfates and are also color-safe, formaldehyde-free, and gluten-free.  They nourish your hair as they cleanse and condition to smooth the cuticle and provide enrichment for damaged hair. Since these products are so highly concentrated, just like all of The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa professional products, you only need a small amount.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is a stuctural protein that is a major component of our skin, nails, and hair.  When Keratin is a key ingredient in hair products, it helps to rebuild the hair structure, forming a bond around each individual follice, which can greatly reduce frizziness, split ends, a rough hair texture, and damaged appearances.  The Keratin that is used in The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa Keratin Therapy comes from virgin wool of New Zealand sheep, so it is completely pure and concentrated up to 10% in each product.

Help Increase the Longevity of Your Keratin Smoothing Treatment
If you have received the The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa Keratin Smoothing Treatment or Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment, you have experienced the amazing results it gives to the hair -- smoother, softer, more manageable hair that is frizz-free and takes much less time to style.  These products are helpful for keeping that treatment in your hair for as long as possible, increasing the longevity of the Keratin bond.  

Keratin Therapy: Repair, Replenish, Revitalize
For the next two months, these products are 10% off, with 5% of the purchase price going to the Woburn Social Service aspart of Paul  Kenneth Salon & Spa partnership with that organization.  Experience these new products at a discounted rate while contributing to a worthy cause.

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