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FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN, PK'S UNIVERSE, ''Holiday Hair Ideas Continued"


This type of fringe can overhaul your look in an instant. Plus, it works with just about every hair type (except for curly hair). Just tell your stylist not to cut bangs too thick or they'll overwhelm your face. To style, comb wet bangs flat and blow-dry with a nozzle attachment pointing down, and use your fingers to pull the bangs straight. If you have very curly hair, use a small, round natural-bristle brush to pull them taut.


There's something romantic about hair that looks as though it were just casually pinned up. To create the effect, run mousse through damp hair and let it air-dry before sweeping it up—this way, even if you pull your hair back tightly, it will look soft.

For the most natural-looking body, concentrate volume on the sides of hair instead of at the crown. Spritz volumizing spray on damp roots and comb it through hair, then blow-dry with a medium-size round brush, pulling the brush under the hair and out to the side

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN, PK'S UNIVERSE, ''Holiday Hair Ideas Continued"

A deep side part makes any style more sophisticated. To make a clean part, apply styling cream to damp hair and, using the pointed end of a rattail comb, draw a part that lines up just beyond the arch of your eyebrow. Blow-dry hair straight, then spritz all over with a bit of shine spray and smooth with your palms. Then twist hair on the top of your head and stick in chop sticks to secure for added affect.


Even straight hair can hold these curls. Prep damp hair with volumizer, and blow-dry with a round brush. Next, wrap sections of hair around a medium-barrel curling iron, stopping an inch or two from the roots. Place the curls randomly so they don't look like old-fashioned ringlets.


1. Run a few drops of shine serum through damp hair and blow it straight with a paddle brush.
2. Brush the hair straight back so it's slick against the scalp, then gather it into a low ponytail just above the nape.
3. Tie the ponytail with an elastic and wind it around the base to create a bun.
4. Tuck the ends underneath and hold them with bobby pins.
5. Stick a few more pins into the bun in various spots to secure it.


Thursday, December 6, 2012



A blowout with body looks more modern than a stick-straight one. Begin by blow-drying the hair straight with a round brush, then part it on the side and, using large hot rollers, coil small sections of hair under, rolling them up toward your part. Then use a paddle brush to coax the curls into a few big waves.





This sweet hairstyle takes only minutes to create. Braid a ponytail hair extension that matches your hair color and pin it at the nape of your neck. Wrap the braid around your crown, pinning the ends at your nape, then let your hair hang loose or twist it into a low knot directly below the braid.







There's nothing sexier than hair that looks like a wind blown set in place. Mimic the effect by scrunching large sections of damp hair in your hands as you move a blow-dryer in circles around your head (hold it about six inches away). This fluffs the hair rather than matting it down. Another trick: Rub your crown lightly, like it's a baby's belly, for a few seconds to create slept-in texture.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012





A ponytail can be fashionable—not merely functional. Here's how:
1.start the french in the middle of the head in back with slightly damp hair, continue down to the nape of the neck, staying close to the neck and wrap to the front of the face with the braid.
2. Tie the braid at the ends of the hair and push downward and pull out slightly to get a bit of a loose look in the braid.





You don't always have to play it straight when you have chin-length hair. For an elegant change, start by creating a deep side part, then take a two-inch section of hair at the center of the hairline (where bangs would be) and roll it away from the face around a medium-size hot roller. While that cools, wrap just the ends of the rest of your hair around a half-inch-barrel curling iron so they flick down and a bit outward. Take out the hot roller, guide the front section into a low swept bang leaving a hint of the eye , and mist all over with aerosol hair spray.





To get the look, curl your hair in large sections with a one-inch-barrel curling iron, starting at the middle of the head, leaving the top with a straighter look. That way, the waves will look more natural. When finished, use your fingers instead of a brush to separate the curls.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN, PK'S UNIVERSE, ''Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving"

Here in the United States, Thursday we celebrate the annual holiday of Thanksgiving.  A special day we set aside to reflect back on the past year and give thanks for everything we have been blessed with while remembering our past and history.  Because today is a day of thanks, we would like to offer a sincere, “Thank you,” to each and every one of you.

While we have mentioned it several times here on the blog, we always like to re-iterate the point on Thanksgiving Day especially…  we are truly thankful for the incredible opportunity we have to get to work with so many wonderful people, not just here at The Paul Kenneth Salon, but guest that we touch everyday.  Every year we have the opportunity to actually change peoples lives through beauty. This industry is one of the last of the industries that allows us to touch people.  We have had the great opportunity to work with the guest that has their hair growing back from chemo, the children that cut off their hair for 'locks of love', models that are showcased in magazines across the world to Paul McCartney on his tour through Boston. We have been truly blessed at The Paul Kenneth Salon.

So while it may or may not be “Thanksgiving Day” for you as you read this, depending where in the world you are located, I offer you our sincere thanks for all of the interactions we have had over the past year(s), as well as for everything you do to help the millions of guests you touch each and every day to enrich their lives and full potential through the power of beauty.  A very Happy Thanksgiving day to all of you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The weather in New York City has been just beautiful lately--no humidity, crisp fall climes with lovely blue skies. But we know what's coming: dreadful snowstorms, crazy hair-snapping cold spells, and dare we say it--hat hair. Yuk! This year, I plan to head off bad winter hair by being prepared! Here, some top tips from Paul Kenneth, owner of Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa, on how to best winterproof your locks.

Stock up on leave-in conditioners and protective oils!

Moisture and natural hair go hand in hand. You must keep your locs moisturized in order to retain growth and prevent damage and breakage. The protective oils acts as a cozy coat between your hair and the heat. During the cold dryness of the winter months, damage from a curling or straightening iron can be worse than usual.  I suggest using PK Moroccan Shampoo and Conditioner in the winter because is helps keep your hair hydrated and prevents breakage and split ends. Wash once a week and deep condition using PK Spa MD Keratin Infused Luxurious Hair Mask conditioner. Follow up monthly with a Keratin Infused treatment using my PK Keratin Treament. This will keep your hair hydrated and healthy during the dry winter months.

If you're straightening out or curling up, coat your hair with a leave-in oil such as PK Moroccan Oil. This product contains has Moroccan Oil, so it really works to protect your locks. Thes oild are used many times as a rust protectant for woodworking tools . . . so it means business!

let your hair air-dry,as much as possible, before blow-drying it completely. The less hot air you infuse into your locks with the dryer, the more moisture you'll seal in from your shampoo and conditioning products. Use Moroccan styling products to help with dry time and air styling.

Keep frizz away
Frizzy hair is one of the worst things about the winter's dryness (think static cling, hat hair . . . yuk!). Stop the problem before it begins. I love anti-frizz products and swear by them during the winter. My favorites are PK Smooth Reaction, PK Frizz Zero, PK Texture Shine, and more.  All of them use  a vary small amount because of the concentration of product. One of my favorite, old school technique, is putting a small amount of finishing spray on a hairbrush, and lightly brush it through your hair from top to bottom.  I use this techniques on all my photoshoots so that very little product is used to get a great static free result.

Vitamin D & Hair Growth
Its winter time and the sun is not out as much which means you may need to supplement the vitamin D your NOT getting from the sun through eating high vitamin D content foods such as salmon, tuna, eggs among just to name a few. Vitamin D prevents hair loss which is exactly what we don't want in the winter. If you notice excess shedding in the winter months a lack of vitamin D may be to blame. I recommend eating foods that contain vitamin D but if you must take a supplement please consult your doctor first.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN PK'S UNIVERSE, 'Mark Wahlberg Uses The Same Sunless Tan'

Mark Wahlberg uses the same sunless tan system that
The Paul Kenneth Salon uses for its' guests 

Want a beautiful, natural looking glow for the holidays. The Paul Kenneth Salon has a 'new' state of the art tanning room. Currently running 'Holiday Specials for Sunless Tanning'. go to and book today.

Mark Wahlberg brought out his inner Marky Mark as he was photographed on a balcony having a spray tan applied for his role in his latest film.  In “Pain and Gain,” Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson play a pair of bodybuilders that get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.  To look the part in this “based upon a true story” movie, Wahlberg needed the assistance of a weekly Norvell Double Dark spray tan applied by Norvell’s own Tennille Cardinal.
“As a 13 year sunless professional for Norvell it was an honor to spray an icon like Mark Wahlberg,” Cardinal told celebrity news website “He was professional and very down to earth each time we met. He is in amazing shape, you can tell he put the time in for this movie and made my job so much more exciting.”
For more on Wahlberg’s spray tan, check out these articles from US Weekly and toofab.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The PK Design Team just finished their latest international photo shoot. "Our greatest thrill is making over our guests," says Jackie Maniaci. Our salon is unique as we know what it takes to deliver beauty from head to toe in a short time.  "Todays women do not have time so we have found a way to pamper them quick without making them feel rushed and for those that just want to relax, we provide that as well," says Jackie.  Our Team knows how to create cover page models and deliver great make-overs in the process.
PK Design Team

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN PK'S UNIVERSE, 'Would You Like To Be On The Cover Of A National Publication?'

The Paul Kenneth Salon is one of the most published salons in the United States and selected as one of the Top 200 Salons in the United States is looking for models on the next international photo shoot with The Global Hair and Fashion Group (GHAF).  The photographer for the day will be Tom Carson who is nationally recognized for his outstanding photography work.  The shoot will take place on October 21, 2012. If you are interested, please email photo to or go to

The Paul Kenneth Salon is known for making coverpage models! Would you like to be on the cover of a national beauty publication. 

the making of a cover page model, Anastasia

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PK's Product Awareness Exchange
Since October is Awareness Month,
bring in 2 over-the-counter products
and receive 40% off, or
3 products and receive 50% off our
PK Signature Line.

Our Signature Line is 100% Vegan, Paraben free,
Sulfate free, Gluten Free,
Does Not Test on Animals and Contains 50% recycled materials.

Below you will find harmul ingredients and effects in over-the-counter products. Check the ingredients in your products and bring them to the Paul Kenneth Salon for a huge savings!
Offer is valid for the Month of October Only.


  • Table salt is used as a filler to thicken shampoo and will strip the color from your hair as well as  damage the hair’s cuticle resulting in dry, drab, split, brittle or frizzy hair
  • Coal Tar is used to thicken shampoo, but is also used to remove rust from metal
  • Silicone (aka any chemical name that ends in the last four letters of C O N E)  is used as the conditioning agent which takes 14 days to be completely washed off your hair
  • Food coloring is used as the coloring ingredient
  • Petroleum and animal fats are used to give hair shine, which causes build-up
    • Build-up is responsible for weighing the hair down, breakage, the inability of hair to hold a curl and prevents color and perm solutions from penetrating the hair shaft
  • They don’t know the difference between hair color and unwanted foreign particles, such as dirt and oil

  • Concentrated so that only a small amount is needed
  • Made with the highest quality cleansing and conditioning agents
  • pH balanced, which protects your hair from the environment, prolonging the longevity of your hair color by slowing down the dye from escaping your hair
  • They have plenty of expert research behind them
  • Products are actually customized and don’t just claim it on the bottle
  • Will not cause build up or strip the hair of color and vital moisture
  • Many contain sunscreens specifically designed for hair
  • Diversion is the process of products being sold outside of its authorized chain of distribution
  • The products maybe one of three things:
    1. Stolen- a breach in contracts between the manufacturer and wholesaler
    2. Old- professional products have a shelf life of 1 year
    3. Tampered with/ Counterfeit- ingredients may be diluted or substituted
Restrictions may apply.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Thinking to a Higher Order

The following article written by Dr. Leon Alexander is a great article that depicts the cornerstone of success at the Paul kenneth Salon & SPA.  The PK Team thrives to push beyond, both technically and financially to higher thinking.  Aside from traingin with industry ICONS, such as, NAHA (North American Hairdressing Award) winner, Nicholas French, The PK Team trains at least 15-25 hrs per week on technical and business training.  They are role playing continuously in order to better serve our guests.

Dr. Leon Alexander.......
Education is a companion that no misfortune can depress, no
crime can destroy and no enemy can alienate. It chastens vice,
it guides virtue, and at once lends grace and government to
genius. The beauty industry has excellent technical education for
hairdressers and good business education for salon owners.
If we aspire to elevate the beauty industry to compete with
serious retailers, marketers and service providers outside
the beauty industry, we need to emulate their proven best
practices. What is required is a radical approach to education that is approached from two levels. We need to offer business education to all service providers on sales, finance,
marketing and retailing. Equally, we need be looking at adding a lateral creativethinking element to salon owner’s education. Put simply,“Thinking to a Higher Order.”Thinking to a Higher Order
Higher-order thinking requires us to analyze information and
ideas in ways that transform their meaning and implications.
This transformation occurs when we combine facts and ideas
in order to synthesize, generalize, explain, hypothesize or
arrive at some conclusion or interpretation.
Manipulating information and ideas through these processes
allows us to solve problems and discover new meanings and
understandings. When we engage in the construction of
knowledge, an element of uncertainty is introduced into the
instructional process and makes instructional outcomes not
always predictable. Creative Thinking As a child, I remember being shocked to learn that WaltDisney was a person.
To me, Disney was a mysterious entity, symbolized by the
magical castle that appeared at the start of every film. A
cross between fairyland and a faceless corporation.
So it was hard to get my head around the idea that all those
films were the brainchild of one man. Not to mention the
theme parks. How could a single person be responsible for
all of that? Later on, I discovered that the truth was even stranger.
There wasn’t just one Walt Disney. There were three.
Creativity as a total process involves the coordination
of three sub processes: dreamer, realist and critic.
The Dreamer – the visionary who dreamt up ideas for
business ventures.The Realist - the pragmatic producer who made things happen. The Critic - the eagle-eyed evaluator who refined what the Dreamer and Realist produced A dreamer without a realist cannot turn ideas into tangible expressions. A critic and a dreamer without a realist just become stuck in a perpetual conflict. The dreamer and arealist might create things, but they might not achieve a high degree of quality without a critic. The critic helps to evaluate and refine the products of creativity. Creative thinking is also ‘double-minded’ thinking that‘operates on more than one plane’. It can be described as a‘transitory state’. As a result of this transitory state “thebalance of both emotion and thought is disturbed.”Using logic to derive new consequences amounts to little
more than permutations of existing concepts, we can generate
new links between concepts perhaps, but no conceptual
novelty. Here’s how thinking to a higher order works. If I hand you a brick and ask, “How many uses can you think of for this?”
you’ll probably come up with a dozen or so uses, all of them
functional, If, however, I asked you, “What 40 ways can you think of touse this?” I’m likely to get a whole different kind of list. After exhausting the obvious uses, you’ll find yourself
uncomfortably searching for other unthought-of uses.
Before, you’ll actually hit on something truly original. It is
here, at this uncomfortable point when you think you’ve
exhausted all practical uses for the brick, where true
creativity lives. It’s where you start to find new connections
between the object at hand and the world around you. You
start thinking beyond the obvious solutions. Your ego stops
judging every passing thought in the name of quantity.
Another example is to look at the symbol ‘x’ and ask what
universal word would define this symbol. Logic says it's a
letter x and this is correct. Now ask the question, what six
other explanations could it be? And you tap into higher
order lateral thinking mode. It could be times, multiply, wrong, kiss, cross, or ten in Roman numerals. We have now taken our brain out of logic mode into creativity mode. Creativity can be defined as the process through which the mind finds formerly unrecognized relationships between two entities or ideas. It is something that allows us to see something in a different way.
It is taking the obvious andmaking it interesting.Knowing

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's common knowledge is that blondes have the most fun. However, according to a recent survey by L'Oreal, that may not be true! The results are shown below.  They find that redheads are spontaneous and fun (and have fewer bad hair days!), while brunettes are loyal friends. Surprised by the results?  Visit The Paul Kenneth Salon  to change your look by trying out a new hair color!

Friday, August 31, 2012

FROM 'THE MASTER ARTISAN' PK'S CORNER PRESENTS, Paul Kenneth & Jackie Maniaci on 2013 Sophisticate's Trend Preview

2013 Trend Review
by Paul Kenneth & Jackie Maniaci

Paul Kenneth & Jackie Maniaci
"The stand -out trends for 2013 include long hair with soft, wavy curls and short hair with straight lines. On long hair, a blend of textures will be created with the help of a curling iron. On short hair, you'll notice strong lines, especially on fringes. For any woman to feel comfortable with her hairstyle, having a guideline of what you definitely want and definitely do not want will be very beneficial in achieving a new look"

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Friday, August 24, 2012


Thank you for your vote for 'The Best Salon in Boston for Haircuting' in the Boston Alist.  We are proud to announce that we placed in the top Ten out of hundreds. We will continue to value client care as our number one priority and strive to deliver World Class Customer Service right here in Woburn! As Jodi says on citysearch.....The best Salon in Greater Boston. I have been to many of the best salons on Newbury Street in Boston, but I didn't find the combination of excellent service and talent that I enjoy at Paul Kenneth's Hair Coloring Salon

Thank you again for your vote of confidence. Together we can spread the word to thousands! (show us your facebook share and receive a mystery gift)

 Haircutting Cover Showcased for The Paul Kenneth Design Team-

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FROM 'THE MASTER ARTISAN' PK'S CORNER PRESENTS, 'Best and Worst Medium-Length Cuts for Your Face Shape'

Match your face shape with one of these celebrities', then see the best (and worst!) cut for you

Medium-length hair is the most popular length among women for good reasons. It's flattering, low-maintenance, sexy and versatile. Finding the right cut for your face shape, and avoiding the worst, is essential.

Hats are the must have accessory for the fall and winter months. But it is not always so easy to look good in a hat--here is the secret it is all about the hair.  Celebrity Hairstylist, Paul Kenneth reveals how to make your hair look great under the most common hat styles of the season.
Hat Style: FedoraHair Style: Contrast the angles of the hat with loose feminine waves.  Loose feminine waves are a great way to wear your hair under a Fedora. This type of hat has very sharp “menswear” angles. This is off-set by the femanine softer hairstyle.
How To Achieve This Look: Part hair in the center and smooth hair back into a low ponytail at the middle of the nape. Use a hair smoothing bore bristle brush and a hair smoothing product like PK Pro Smooth Reaction. Apply product to the ponytail also and brush smooth. Twist ponytail in one direction and wind around ponytail and secure with a few hair pins. Put on Newsboy and you are ready to go.
Hat Style: Beret Hair Style: Tuck the hair back into a side pony so that soft strands peek out. A side swept ponytail is a perfect way to wear your hair under a Beret. A Beret has a French romantic look and this feminine ponytail really compliments that. Tuck the hair back into a side pony so that soft strands peek out.
How To Achieve This Look: This look works best with straight or smooth hair. Create a side part and use a bore bristle paddle brush and a hair smoothing product like like PK Pro Smooth Reaction and brush into a low side ponytail at the nape on the opposite side of the part. Secure ponytail and put on Beret. The back of the Beret should slouch to the opposite side of the ponytail.
Hat Style: Shearling hat Hair Style: Pull the hair half-way back, then unclip when the hat comes off to get the hair's bounce back. Shearling hats are beautiful and warm but they often crush the hair. A hair half-way up look is a great idea to make the hair look great while the hat is on and preserve the hair for when the hat comes off.
How To Achieve This Look: Style hair as usual and then apply a product that can act as a dry hair setting PK Pro Thermal Protector. Then divide hair in half from ear to ear and twist up the crown of the head and secure with a clip. This will work as a dry set. Once you take the hat off and remove clip, toss to separate hair and revive hair with a hair refreshing product like as PK Eco Chic Fresh Up.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FROM 'THE MASTER ARTISAN' PK'S CORNER PRESENTS, 'Operation Surprise' for Top 200 National Award....

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa is proud to be one of the top 200 Salons in the United States and one few salons in multiple categories.

Paul Kenneth Costa and Jackie Maniaci,
owners of Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa in Woburn, Massachusetts,
captured ST200 honors in four competition categories for 2012
In an effort to recognize salons that are leaders in business, Matrix Corporation recently honored its salon clients who were 2012 SALON TODAY 200 honorees with special surprise visits to their salons.
For each honoree, the company’s personal sales consultant called ahead and made an appointment to ensure that owners and managers would be present, then they arrived with giant congratulatory cards, balloons and flowers in hand.
“Matrix congratulates all the honored salons for imagining all they can be, as these salons are role models for creating positive change in their salons and communities,” says Colin Walsh, Matrix vice president and general manager.
Since SALON TODAY was in on the secret, we asked Matrix to capture some of the surprise moments on film.

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Monday, July 30, 2012


Here's a new product that you won't want to miss!

Freshen Up is a dry shampoo that boosts body and bounce in second day hairstyles.  
Do you feel like your hair needs washed daily, but doing so is causing your color to fade quickly or drying your ends out?  Dry shampoo is the perfect solution!  Wash and style your hair like normal on day one... then on the second day, spray this aerosol right at the roots and around your hairline, approximately 8-10 inches away.  It will absorb any surface oils without making your hair look powdery, so your hair looks fresh and revitalized!  The scent is great too.  
Benefits of Freshen Up dry shampoo include:
  • Save time!  Skip a day of washing and drying your hair
  • Revive and refresh a style easily
  • No wet or sticky feeling
  • Extend your color and blowout for a longer-lasting salon look
  • Eliminate any odor with a fresh, clean scent
Like all of Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa Products, this one is made specifically by a well known chemist, so you're getting a unique formulation that was tested by our own master stylists.  It's the perfect solution for fine hair, long hair, hard-to-style hair... anyone who wants to skip a day between washing and styling their hair!

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater Boston!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is the latest Haircutting Cover Showcased for The Paul Kenneth Design Team-

We need your help to make the Boston Alist and invite thousands to come and experience 
World Class Customer Service right here in Woburn! As Jodi says on citysearch.....The best Salon in Greater Boston. I have been to many of the best salons on Newbury Street in Boston, but I didn't find the combination of excellent service and talent that I enjoy at Paul Kenneth's Hair Coloring Salon

Please take a moment to vote with the link below and share it with your friends on facebook. Together we can spread the word to thousands! (show us your facebook share and receive a mystery gift)

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


We’ve all seen it, blondes can either be bombshells like Marilyn Monroe, or they can just bomb like some of the young Hollywood crowd that shall remain nameless. To avoid mishaps, we always ask two questions, “Cool or Warm?” and “Dark or Light?”

Cool or warm? Does your guest look better in a bright pink shirt or bright orange shirt? If bright pink, their skin tone is cool and best tones are icy blondes or cool blondes that have no yellow or gold. If they look better in orange, then golden warm blondes are best for their skin tone. Light or dark? If they look better in pink, then try burgundy-if the pink looks better, stay lighter and go blonde…if the burgundy looks better, try a cool rich brunette to prevent washing out their skin tone. If they look best in bright orange, try a deep copper/brown shirt. Bright orange looks great with golden highlights, or go strawberry blonde. If deep copper brown looks best, take the leap and try to convince them to be an amazing redhead.  If the client is not aware, The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa has a color analysis service to determine the individual color that looks best on the clients.
To keep the looks natural we like to maintain depth and create natural looking highlights with modern baliage and ombré techniques, then we advise the guest to have a color applied between highlight appointments to maintain shine, richness or minimize brassiness. Their schedule looks like this: Week 1: highlights and hair cut, Week 5: hair cut and color, Week 10: highlights and hair cut. If their really fighting the brassy because they love the sun and hate the hats, at home, shampoo with Paul Kenneth True Hue Highlight and kiss the brass goodbye.  Please make sure you are conditioning with a deep conditioner, such as Paul Kenneth ColorMoist Conditioner. The key to great color is great condition.
So many designers skip the at home maintenance conversation, but the truth is, your guest is a walking advertisement for you, so if their hair looks bad between appointments, people will think it’s your doing. We all have guests that say their color doesn’t last when we know it’s because they haven’t taken proper care of it, so take the time to discuss maintenance and your work will look better longer and be your best advertisement!
Website:, YouTube, Twitter:, Facebook:

paul kenneth salon & spa, the leading color salon in greater boston