Thursday, April 11, 2013


'Ombre'', The French termed hair trend,
is the hottest trend now! This look has been spotted on many A-list Celebrities…but is it right for you? This look is not for everyone..... Remember, trends come and go, so don’t think you need to jump on the bandwagon to be cool! This trend features darker more natural hues at the base with a gradual dyed lightening at the ends.  

A Few Positives:
1) It has a grown out look to begin with, so maintenance can be stretched out past your average time frame (5-6 weeks).   2) You get that sun kissed, summery, beachy, look any season....creating fun dimension and movement at the stroke of the brush at anytime you want!

4 things to consider before taking the plunge into Ombré:

1) Consider your profession and lifestyle
Not every workplace is supportive to the funky, high contrast bold version of this trend.  A more subtle approach is your safest bet, with tones only being 1-3 levels apart.

2) Shades must compliment your skin tone and wardrobe choicesYou can choose 1-3 shade to create the Ombré effect, but the colors must work with your complexion, and not distract from your clothing.

3)The more creative the color choice…the more maintenance required to maintain vibrancy or depth of the color

4) Make sure you see an experienced professional.  An Ombre' can be beautiful, however an Ombre' gone wrong can be a disaster resulting in a bad look, more investment to fix and/or compromising the condition of the hair.

The Paul Kenneth Professionals are well trained to deliver beautiful, rich Ombre' techniques to all types of hair. call or stop in for a quick, complimentary consultation.

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"To Ombré, or NOT to Ombré" written by Master Designer, Amy

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN, PK'S UNIVERSE, "Red, The 'New' Blonde, What 'Red Hot Red' Do You Want To Be?"

Red Hot Thrill

There's nothing natural about Fiona's dramatic red hair, but what's the point of color if you can't have fun with it (especially if you're a rock star)? She nails this supersaturated shade—created with permanent color—without becoming to cartoonish. This permanent shades will only take on those with naturally light hair. "People are attracted to things that make them stop and look," Paul Kenneth says. "And this is absolutely a showstopper."

Coppery Apricot

Emma puts a vibrant, youthful spin on red, perfectly complementing her aqua eyes. "The lighter your eyes are, the brighter you can go," Paul Kenneth Says. Paul Kenneth believes you should always go for the dynamic red.  This Red can be either soft and pretty or sleek and sexy.  Reds definitely are a higher maintenance color.  If  you are fading quickly, make sure to ask your stylist to deep condition your hair or formulate differently at midshaft and ends. These are two of the biggest reasons for fading, condition of hair and incorrectly formulating.

Strawberry Delight

Skin tone is one of the most important factors to consider when going red, says Paul Kenneth. "Kit's skin is fair, and this strawberry blonde shade has just enough red to work with the pink undertones in her skin," he says. This hint of red tends to look prettiest on women with naturally medium to dark blonde hair.

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