Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FROM THE MST ARTISAN, PK'S UNIVERSE "Paul kenneth Salon Gives Back To The Armed Services"

We are so excited to to support ‘Operation Re-Invent’ and support the women that have served our country.  We will provide complete make-overs to these women so that they can join the workforce again. Below is an outline of the project that The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa will support fully.  We plan to have up to 10 women a month in our salon to council on hair color, makeup, and hair care products.  Our Team looks forward to this substantial impact on our community and give back.


Our women will be assigned professional, well-compensated mentors—life
coaches, some successful veterans now civilians—who can give them a solid
base to navigate the bureaucratic maze and reconnect to their new civilian life.
The bond with these mentors will
be deep, up close and personal.
This bond will create a relationship
that is significant to their daily life,
careers and social support.
Our highly trained mentors will be
role models that offer targeted
guidance, support, direction,
evaluation and, when needed,
tough love.
The mentors are invaluable resources to women veterans recently separated
from the service as they take the journey to civilian life. Our mentors’ wisdom
will provide a forward track to building a happy, healthy and productive civilian
and family life.
career development/job placement
We will offer a robust educational and career development/job placement
program specifically developed for
OPERATION reinvent that is as high in
quality as any offered by recruitment/placement and follow-up firms.
First, our women veterans will be assessed for their skills, military
background and experience levels, career goals, and personal inclination
for various types of jobs via a host of career and personality tests such as
Myers-Briggs. We will make sure that these women’s ambitions,
aspirations, and translatable skills are fully explored. Together we will
determine the best path to meet their individual needs.
Next, a clearly defined, individualized action plan is developed. Forexample, the plan may include working towards a college degree.

ART II----

Our goal is to create a modern
professional image for our women
veterans. New outfit, new look. All
geared to make a great first
impression, to boost morale and
engender confidence. No doubt,
this is the most visible and media
friendly component of
. And one that is highly
attractive to both national and local media, which, in turn, shines a spotlight on
the importance of embracing our returning women veterans.
makeover is unique because we partner national brands and
retailers with local community venues to support and implement the three
elements of the program:
Professional make-up session
Professional hair styling
Clothing, shoes and accessories
How it works. Our relationships with national retailers and name brands
combined with select local venues (beauty salons, branch stores) ensure that
participating sponsors bring their ‘A’ game to make over the women veterans

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