Saturday, August 23, 2014

Owners, Jackie Maniaci and Paul Kenneth Present the making of Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa

Paul and Jackie continue to travel worldwide for fashion and photo shoots, shows and seminars,
assimilating the latest trends, techniques and technologies to impart to the PK Team and bring to their clients.  “Jackie is the business partner I had been looking for, for over forty years,” said Paul.
Jackie likewise saw a kindred spirit in Paul.” I recognized the tremendous creative talent in Paul and saw the potential to build the business nationally.” The two, destined to join forces, meld creative and business talents through a wellspring of energy and life. The partnership is what sets them apart and inspires the PK spirit of unparalleled classic fashion.  It is a partnership that continues to garner numerous awards and accolades. And one that has made Paul Kenneth the most sought after destination salon in metro Boston. Paul, Jackie and the PK team invite you share the experience of what makes us different.....

The Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa, the leading color salon in greater Boston

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

'The making of a CoverPage model' by Paul Kenneth Salon

Behind of the scene 'making of a CoverPage model' with Paul Kenneth Salon in NYC

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finally, Curl products that perform!...check out the curl performance by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa

#curlperformance by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa
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PK Rockin' Curls that work!
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa projects all variations of Blonde, from cool to coppery to be the 'Hottest Hues'

hot hues: says co-owner, Jackie Maniaci "All variations of Blonde, from cool to coppery tones. Coppery blonde, cinnamon, chocolate brown, and mocha are popular." star inspiration: Maniaci says, "Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Miley Cirus, Sophia Vergara, Jessica Alba."

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Paul Kenneth Salon & spa, the leading color salon in greater boston

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paul Kenneth Design Team presents latest trend in H-Trends Italian Magazine

H-Trends Italian Magazine publishes the most recent trend of Paul Kenneth Design Team....

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon Gives Long strands a 'NEW' look with out sacrificing inches!

Give long strands a new look without sacrificing inches. The PK Salon design team in Woburn, Massachusetts, shares their style steps for creating this pin-curled bob:
1.After blow-drying hair with a volume spray and a large round brush, spray hair thoroughly with a thermal protector. Take one and a half-inch square sections, curl with a one-inch iron and pin-curl-clip them to base to set. Spray with PK Flex Hold Hairspray and PK Shine Spray
2.Starting at the nape, take down curls and sprinkle base with PK Volume Texture Powder. Back-comb each section all the way up to occipital bone in back and two inches above the ears. Spray top and bottom with PK Flexible Spray.
3.Starting center back, use a natural bristle brush to gently smooth down the top of the teased section, then with hands pinch ends into a point and start rolling under until you reach the nape. Secure the center of the roll to the base with a long bobby, using a sewing motion to weave in and out of the roll. Continue this technique on both sides and pin sections together so it looks like one consistent roll. Spray rolled hair with PK Flexible Spray.
4.Take down curled sections one by one, smooth with shine serum, gently shake to create an “S” like pattern and drape creatively over rolled section. Secure with long hairpins. Continue this technique for each pin curl.
5.On the top “Mohawk” section, sprinkle PK Volume Texture Powder onto the base of each section, backcomb lightly and smooth curled ends with shine serum. Again loosely drape curls creatively on the surface of the other curls, creating an “S” wave framing the face. Paul Kenneth Salon, 343 Main St, Woburn MA 01801, Tel: 781 935 7750,

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon...Big on Bangs!

Big on Bangs

The design team at Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa in Woburn, Massachusetts, is doing a bang-up job of creating short, straight cuts with lots of chic and flair. For this model’s look, short bangs slim the face and set off the central features, while the red tips add just enough up-to-the-minute color to liven up the style, as well as give it an unexpected finish.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa's TRENDSETTING BLONDE

Brighten up a lackluster silhouette and shade with an of-the-moment, spring-infused finish ---- with a right-now cut!

CUT: Define your fabulousness by allowing strands to fall into a precise, clean-cropped cut. “Short, hard lines leave long bangs to create texture,” explains the PK Design Team.
COLOR: A gloomy shade is given a fashion and color lift for the new season! “We double-processed the hair to a platinum blonde [shade] from the dull, light brown color,” says the team. The white-hot hue helps transition mane into warmer weather with its gentler, fresh appearance.
STYLE: Use a Denman brush to smooth and create shine in the hair while blow-drying. Make sure to use thermal protectant spray to protect your tresses from unwanted heat damage.

CHANGE UP Pump up the pastels with a soft hint of pink in the front of an otherwise platinum pixie. The sexy hue combined with wisping, frontward facing layers, adds movement to the cropped cut.

paul kenneth salon & spa, the leading color salon in greater boston
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa Presents ROCK STAR STYLISTA

It’s Time To Blossom With A Fabulously Sexy New Look. Paul Kenneth (PK) Salon IN Woburn, MA, And Sophisticate’s Present Your Options….

Dazzle with this marvelous mane that is the definition of glam slam- agree?
CUT: Refresh and ravish the style scene with a transforming take on a modern cut! “We cut an asymmetrical bob from very long hair to give her a mature look,” explains the Paul Kenneth (PK) Design Team. The A-line, asymmetrical style is over exaggerated by the style’s chic sidepart and gradual movement.
COLOR: Dismal copper lengths are given a wake-up call thanks to a revitalizing hue and highlights! “The deep, rich chestnut brown honey highlights give the hair great dimension,” say the style pros, who add more honey shades around the face for a pretty shimmering effect. COLOR USED: Matrix SoColor professional haircolor.
STYLE: “Use a Denman brush while blow-drying, then finish with a round brush to create volume on top of the crown,” advises the style team. Using a Denman brush first gives the silhouette smoothness in preparation for the subtle body on top.

CHANGE UP For a fabulously feisty finish try switching up the texture and part of your mane! Here, sweeping curls swing down from a slight sidepart for a more casual, yet couture, style.

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa adds 'AWAKENED ANGLES'

Hit the refresh button with this face-framing A-line bobbed style! CUT: Go daytime chic or nighttime glam with this classic bob cut coupled with sexy fringe! The exaggerated length in the front of the mane is complemented by piecey bangs, giving this sleek style a hip, hot edge. COLOR: Combining a gradual cut with a rich overall color is the perfect way to incorporate dimension into a smooth silhouette. “We created a deep, rich chestnut brown color from a more uneven ash brown,” tells the PK Design Team. The luscious hue shimmers and warms the face, creating a renewed vibrancy in the entire style. COLOR USED: Matrix Logics Imprints professional haircolor. STYLE: Achieve this timeless finish using a Denman brush and light volumizing spray. “The spray gives a bouncy, beautiful feel to the hair, while the Denman brush is essential for the sleek, shiny look,” explains the PK Design Team, who recommend using a blow-dryer instead of a flat iron.

Change Up

Reinvent your mane by simply switching up the texture! Here, sleek strands are transformed into playful coils to achieve a completely different vibe.

paul kenneth salon & spa, the leading color salon in greater Boston

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa creates a VIBRANT VIXON

Take a regular, unremarkable style and give it a blast of beauty with a powerful hue and hot layers! CUT: The PK Design Team combined a layered, graduated bob with strong, yet short, fringe to craft a flowing cut that hits all the right style notes. COLOR: Say goodbye to a boring brunette hue when it is transformed into an eye-catching fiery color of coppery red. The vibrant shade wakes up the cut and gives fair skinned complexions a blast of fierceness. COLOR USED: Matrix Gloss Sync professional haircolor. STYLE: “We used a Denman brush and medium round brush with a light moisturizing mousse to give her hair body and smoothness,” explains the PK hair pros. “The Denman brush is used at the start of the blow-dry before finishing with a round brush to create volume.”

Show off your style direction by playing with the placement and movement of your tresses. Allowing fringe to fall into a sleek finish while tousling lengths to add dimension can add versatility to a short snip.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You can have stunning 'Oscar Hathaway Hair' at The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa

Anne Hathaway looked stunning at the Oscars with her gorgeous cropped cut. You, too, can look like a star with this tousled platinum style by our Global Hair & Fashion Group expert.

paul kenneth salon, the leading haircolor salon in greater boston

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa’s Latest Shoot Inspires Celebrity Trends

Celebrities play a huge role in influencing hairstyling’s hottest looks, displaying the sexiest styles on the red carpet, in print and on the silver screen. But where do Hollywood’s brightest stars find their inspiration? Perhaps from the master stylists at Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa, who not only stay ahead of today’s hottest hair trends, but expertly customize them to meet the needs of their clients. Our latest collection of styles from our November photo shoot mirror some of our favorite star styles seen at this year’s Grammys, blurring the line between celebrity hair and the hair that you can really wear.

Katy Perry
This captivating updo is oh-so-sleek and brings both Katy and our model to the pinnacle of red carpet glamour. A single braid is wrapped into a bun and nestled at the top of the crown, putting the cherry on top of this sophisticated look.
For glossy, frizz-free strands like our model’s and Katy’s, try PK Professional Shine Spray.

Nothing says “night on the town” like sultry long waves. The deep side part allows the whimsical curls to effortlessly fall into a dramatic, floral landscape. This is a quintessential party look with lots of movement and ample shine!
PK Professional’s Medium Hold Texturizing Gel is perfect for defining curls and waves.

This cut is all about the flow with its artistic variation of an ultra-funky faux-hawk paired with a stunning platinum hue. A great example of tracing the lineage of hair trends, this faux-hawk represents a mélange of runway and street inspirations.
For short strands with uber volume, try PK Professional Pumped Up.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Look: Hair and Beauty Specials from Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa

New Year, New Look: Hair and Beauty Specials from Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa

We’re all guilty of allowing a little more time to pass between our salon visits every now and then, but with a brand new year upon us, it’s time to toss out the bad habits and ring in a new beauty routine that will create a happier and more youthful-looking you.

If you’re unsure of what to do for your mane’s next move, take some cues from the experts at Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa whose glam squad is always coming up with cool, innovative new ways to make you shine. And their new hair and beauty specials are the perfect incentive for you to schedule an appointment today! Clients will enjoy 50% off color with junior designers on Wednesdays and Friday, 20% off hot tools and $10 make-up applications, eyebrow wax/threading and manicures on Tuesday and Thursdays.

2014 is the year to have the Paul Kenneth Salon customize the latest hair trends – or create new ones – so that your individuality can reign supreme.  And if you need some inspiration, watch hair aficionado Paul Kenneth and his team at work their magic as they reinvent this model’s look. It’s a wonderful example of how to personalize an asymmetric bob. The choice of the part and arc of the side as it crosses the cheek accentuate the model’s exquisite facial structure, while almond highlights add another dimension to her stunning look.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to celebrate 2014 by making an appointment and taking advantage of one of Paul Kenneth Salon’s hair and beauty specials.  

Follow this link to watch the video!