Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Paul Kenneth Salon Gives Long strands a 'NEW' look with out sacrificing inches!

Give long strands a new look without sacrificing inches. The PK Salon design team in Woburn, Massachusetts, shares their style steps for creating this pin-curled bob:
1.After blow-drying hair with a volume spray and a large round brush, spray hair thoroughly with a thermal protector. Take one and a half-inch square sections, curl with a one-inch iron and pin-curl-clip them to base to set. Spray with PK Flex Hold Hairspray and PK Shine Spray
2.Starting at the nape, take down curls and sprinkle base with PK Volume Texture Powder. Back-comb each section all the way up to occipital bone in back and two inches above the ears. Spray top and bottom with PK Flexible Spray.
3.Starting center back, use a natural bristle brush to gently smooth down the top of the teased section, then with hands pinch ends into a point and start rolling under until you reach the nape. Secure the center of the roll to the base with a long bobby, using a sewing motion to weave in and out of the roll. Continue this technique on both sides and pin sections together so it looks like one consistent roll. Spray rolled hair with PK Flexible Spray.
4.Take down curled sections one by one, smooth with shine serum, gently shake to create an “S” like pattern and drape creatively over rolled section. Secure with long hairpins. Continue this technique for each pin curl.
5.On the top “Mohawk” section, sprinkle PK Volume Texture Powder onto the base of each section, backcomb lightly and smooth curled ends with shine serum. Again loosely drape curls creatively on the surface of the other curls, creating an “S” wave framing the face. Paul Kenneth Salon, 343 Main St, Woburn MA 01801, Tel: 781 935 7750,

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