Saturday, May 16, 2015

Paul Kenneth Salon latest Collection...'Simply Bold'

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My hair is oily at the roots, but dry at the ends and has no volume, what do I do?

 "My hair is oily at the roots, but dry at the ends and has no volume. The more I style it, the drier the ends get, but the more I condition, the roots get oilier. Ideas?"

The first question I would ask is, how often do you shampoo your hair? 
Generally the answer is the same, "every day", and this contributes to the problem. There are many articles about the danger of shampooing to frequent. Even Oily hair is affected by to frequent of shampooing. Yet, people with oily hair believe that the hair needs frequent shampooing. In all actuality, this increases oil in the scalp and strips the moisture from the ends of the hair leaving the hair dry, brittle and porous.  
So how do you deal with this condition of eliminating or slowing down the oil on your scalp. Simple stop shampooing your hair. " Impossible ", you say.  lets examine the science behind the hair and what causes oil on the scalp. First, oil is created from the sebaceous gland that is connected to the hair follicles. The glands are located through out the areas of the body except the palm of the hand and the balls of your feet. Some people have an over active sebaceous gland. This will produce more oil on to the scalp and hair shaft.   
The biggest impact that one could have in not producing more oil when shampooing, is to pat the scalp gently, not rub the scalp.  This will start to get you off the merry go round. Shampoo will remove any dirt or oil without rubbing. The ends can be gentle rubbed without damage.  Surprisingly, this simple step will change the amount oil on the scalp. However, to correct the dryness at the ends will require deep conditioners done daily and weekly.  This this part of your hair will take a much longer time to repair. Remain patient and vigilant to the deep conditioners and you will see the results. At Paul Kenneth Salon, we have great conditioners for daily, weekly and longer term. Stop by or call anytime to get the one that is best suited for your individual hair needs. (Spa MD Keratin Masque, Elixir 11, Daily Intense Conditioner, and many more)
paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater Boston