Monday, August 31, 2015

Paul Kenneth Salon demonstrates 'How to create' Anna's Coronation style from Frozen by bostonparentspaper

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa  'How To Create' Anna's Coronation style from Frozen by bostonparentspaper. 

Thank you for the opportunity to feature our step by step work as we recreate Anna's Frozen-inspired hairstyle, which continues to be very popular in our salon. Is your daughter still obsessed with Frozen hairstyles (and we'll admit it - we are too!)? Or are you searching for a Disney-inspired romantic updo for a special event? Watch our Frozen-inspired hairstyle video to see the PK design team conjure up simple style magic as we share our version of Anna's Coronation hairstyle in this easy to follow how-to video. 

(click link below for full video and step by step))

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

'Fierce American Princess' collection by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa

Takes the sweet Marilyn Monroe flare and influences with the female modern day version of James Bond.  The sultry Cranberry/Garnet color Marilyn was set with brushes, then touched with a 1" curling iron after the brush set cools. The rest of the collection showcases a touch of Charlie's Angel burgundy/violet hair along with the  touch of singer Pink, fierce disconnect platinum. 


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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Why My Mom Rocks Contest Winner’s PK Salon Makeover


Every year Boston Parents Paper selects a special mother for a makeover. This year Amy Lopez was selected for a day of beauty at  Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa in Woburn.
Amy’s compassion for her children is just one of the reasons why she was selected!
Check out the before and after of Amy’s makeover below. A special thank you to Boston Parents Paper for choosing us to give Amy a day of beauty and relaxation!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Paul Kenneth Salon latest Collection...'Simply Bold'

From soft and sultry to bold and sassy, the possibilities of each style are endless. They are also a reflection of this year's trends for both cut and color, celebrating distinguished shapes with feminine textures and striking hues.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My hair is oily at the roots, but dry at the ends and has no volume, what do I do?

 "My hair is oily at the roots, but dry at the ends and has no volume. The more I style it, the drier the ends get, but the more I condition, the roots get oilier. Ideas?"

The first question I would ask is, how often do you shampoo your hair? 
Generally the answer is the same, "every day", and this contributes to the problem. There are many articles about the danger of shampooing to frequent. Even Oily hair is affected by to frequent of shampooing. Yet, people with oily hair believe that the hair needs frequent shampooing. In all actuality, this increases oil in the scalp and strips the moisture from the ends of the hair leaving the hair dry, brittle and porous.  
So how do you deal with this condition of eliminating or slowing down the oil on your scalp. Simple stop shampooing your hair. " Impossible ", you say.  lets examine the science behind the hair and what causes oil on the scalp. First, oil is created from the sebaceous gland that is connected to the hair follicles. The glands are located through out the areas of the body except the palm of the hand and the balls of your feet. Some people have an over active sebaceous gland. This will produce more oil on to the scalp and hair shaft.   
The biggest impact that one could have in not producing more oil when shampooing, is to pat the scalp gently, not rub the scalp.  This will start to get you off the merry go round. Shampoo will remove any dirt or oil without rubbing. The ends can be gentle rubbed without damage.  Surprisingly, this simple step will change the amount oil on the scalp. However, to correct the dryness at the ends will require deep conditioners done daily and weekly.  This this part of your hair will take a much longer time to repair. Remain patient and vigilant to the deep conditioners and you will see the results. At Paul Kenneth Salon, we have great conditioners for daily, weekly and longer term. Stop by or call anytime to get the one that is best suited for your individual hair needs. (Spa MD Keratin Masque, Elixir 11, Daily Intense Conditioner, and many more)
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How often should I shampoo my hair?...understanding the dangers of shampooing to often! by Paul Kenneth


There is a large believe that hair has to be shampooed every day. This is a huge misconception! Actually once or twice a week is more than sufficient. Even for those who are avid exercise enthusiast or people with oily hair. Remember the sun is the biggest cause of hair damage, then followed closely behind by too frequent shampooing. Customers are unaware of the cause and effect of every day shampooing.

Frequent shampooing strips' all the hair's natural oils along with removing its much needed moisture. When this happens the hair becomes porous,dry, brittle and dull. Each one of these conditions, interfere with all chemical procedures. Whether done at home ( which can be disastrous) or within the salon. The damage becomes extensive over time. When hair is wet it becomes extremely snarly and straw like feel when dry. This, then becomes challenging to comb through. adding more damage by breaking hair while combing or brushing. In the finish styling of your hair, it will look very frizzy, and dull. The coloring portion also becomes challenging. If not careful you'll get uneven deposit of color leaving a spotty look to the finished product. Hair can also go darker than desired along with quick fading of color.

These are also some of the more common problems that take place. That's why the client consultation is so important, one of our question will be: HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHAMPOO? By shampooing once or twice a week you start to eliminate the problems. Using professional products makes a huge difference. Since the most common ingredient in store bought shampoo is table salt. Salt make less expensive shampoo thicker and cost effective.

Frequent shampooing stimulates the sebaceous (oil) glands on the scalp. By over cleansing the scalp your body gets tricked into thinking its dry so the oil glands go into overdrive and produce excessive oil on the scalp. Now this is when the merry go round starts with over shampooing and excessively oily scalp and hair. Brushing your hair with a natural bristle brush is a fantastic way to help spread the oil down the hair strand. The hair that is away from the scalp (mid-legnth and ends) needs the oil and moisture to stay healthy and strong. If the scalp environment is not cleansed properly this is when further problems can occur such as dry flaky buildup and dandruff.

We are a strong proponent of conditioning treatments especially keratin treatments and deep treatments. You need to put back into the hair what we are taking out by shampooing and other stresses: mechanical or chemical. By doing moisture and reconstructive treatments you are only improving the hairs condition  to a certain extent. Cutting your hair helps more than any other treatment. By snipping off damaged dry ends the hair will have more bounce, shine and style more easy. Once the damage is cut off you need to treat the hair gently so the damage and dryness does not come back to an extreme case.
We invite you to come in to our salon for a complimentary consultation......
written by Paul Kenneth, Jackie Maniaci and Amy Roche
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Help, I dyed my hair and now it's orange. What do I do now?

Home hair coloring! This is so common! Many times someone walks into a store, reads a box of hair color, and believes that's it. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. There's a lot of science and chemistry that goes into hair coloring, as well as, the laws of color and equally important, the years of experience.

Lets begin by saying that orange is the result of trying to lighten hair. Here then lies one of the problems. How much damage was done to the hair structure? Was a permanent / semi-permanent/ or lightener used at home? There are many other factors that have to be considered. The best advice is to seek out the experience of a skilled professional who has strong training in the laws of color, as well as, the science and chemistry of hair and hair color, itself.

At the Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa all of our colorist are trained extensively in all areas of hair color. We have a deep back ground In science, chemistry, as well as the laws of color. Our first consideration is not to compromise the hair any further than what might already have been done. So, in our consultation we are very clear and articulate up front to what can and can't be done. Remember hair color is not permanent. With our training and experience, we are able to fix these problems.

Inthe world of color, hair is considered to be a fabric. If not treated for properly the fabric will begin to breakdown and cannot be repaired, it needs to be cut off. Think of a pair of denim jeans that have been washed 100 times and worn 200 times...eventually they turn into cutoffs because the knees and hemline get worn out and have rips and tears. The hair color is only going to look as good as the canvas you are putting it on. With that said when the hair is orange; you need to proceed with caution; trying to get it lighter at home will only create more problems internally and externally to the hair fiber. We deal with corrective situations on a daily basis. During your consultation your stylist will determine the level of correction: mild moderate or extreme. What determines which category the “orange hair” will fall into will depend on what you want as an end result. Then, the proper steps will be taken to get you to your desired color.
We can't emphasis enough the stress the hair goes through when 'at home' hair color goes wrong. What you put on your hair on daily basis has a huge impact on the overall health of the hair along with longevity of color. Deep conditioners, gentle shampoos, along with less frequent shampooing is all part of the equation. Our exclusive line of PK Professional products encompasses all hair types and styling needs. Paul Kenneth recommends the PK SpaMD shampoo andconditioner, our Eco friendly line, especially ELIXER 11. Please don't try to to fix this at home or with an inexperienced stylist.
Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa, the greatest hair coloring salon in greater Boston.
written by Paul Kenneth, Amy Roche and Jackie Maniaci