Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Newest Stay Spray Product With Sunscreen

Introducing the last of our three new products... Paul Kenneth's Stay Spray!  This fast-drying hair spray provides a great formula for giving your hair that perfect finishing touch to give lasting hold all day long.  It's never sticky or heavy, so it won't weigh your hair down or take volume away from your style
The high-quality aerosol sprayer is clog-resistant and provides an even spray all over.  Most hairsprays contain water as an ingredient, which takes away from the hold power of the spray and can cause your style to look frizzy and unpolished -- Stay Spray contains no water, so you don't have to worry about that happening!  You can use it in short bursts to provide strong hold for volume or texture, or spray all over to secure long hair.  The formula is clean and easy to wash out, so you won't have to deal with it building up on your hair like some other hairsprays do.
Stay Spray is specially formulated to lock in volume, texture, and lift.  The formula is also humidity-resistant, which is important in Boston!  Even if you're out in a rainy or snowy day, Stay Spray will keep your style looking great.  It also includes a sunscreen component to protect your hair from the sun's powerful rays and help prevent your color from fading.  Like most of Paul Kenneth's products, Stay Spray contains no formaldehyde or petrochemicals, and is gluten-free.   

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PK's Tips to Protect Your Investment In Your Hairstyle

Protect your investment in your hairstyle
Hair color services at The Paul Kenneth Salon vary widely in price depending on each client's needs, but as a client, don't you want to make the most of your investment?  Paul Kenneth's products are formulated to protect your color to keep it bright and vibrant for as long as possible. 
Professional hair products use concentrated formulas
While all hair products contain some percentage of water, store brand products are highly diluted, to the point that it takes much more product to get the job done.  It takes only one fourth the amount of Paul Kenneth's products to get a similar result from store brand products.  Also, products that contain high quantities of water will have high quantities of salt as well -- you may see it on the label under several different names (including sodium chloride), but the bottom line is that salts are drying and damaging to the hair cuticle.  The salts used in these products are thickening agents, which give the appearance of a thicker consistency to make up for the high water content, but in the end the consumer ends up paying for an inferior product which does not improve the health of their hair.   Paul Kenneth's products, on the other hand, are concentrated and never contain damaging ingredients, so you are able to use less product AND improve the health of your hair -- a win-win situation!
Gluten-free hair products
For those who suffer from Celiac disease or gluten intolerances or allergies in the Boston area, it is a challenge to find hair care products suitable for these conditions.  For those affected, ingesting gluten can lead to reactions that range from uncomfortable to downright dangerous.  The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it absorbs everything you put on it -- even hair products that touch your scalp, especially shampoo and conditioner.  Although it's not extremely common, severe reactions of gluten allergies have led to hair thinning or falling out at an alarming rate.  A good rule of thumb is if you can't put gluten IN your body, you shouldn't put it ON your body either.  Paul Kenneth's products provide the perfect solution to this problem, whether you have suffered from a gluten-related reaction or simply wish to prevent any future problems.
Paul Kenneth's products are animal-friendly
Many of Paul Kenneth's products are 100% vegan, containing no animal products or by-products.  And Paul Kenneth's NEVER tests products on animals.
Professional recommendations
All of the above facts are great reasons why you should try Paul Kenneth's hair care products.  But perhaps the most important rule of thumb is to listen to your stylist.  Your stylist at Paul Kenneth Salon's is a licensed professional and has trained with cosmetic chemists to understand what ingredients are in the products we offer.  They combine this knowledge with their understanding of your specific hair type to recommend the products that will give you the results you are looking for.
Have you tried any of the products in Paul Kenneth's hair care line?  Which is your favorite? 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Color at Paul Kenneth Haircoloring Salon & Spa

Spring is just around the corner!  Most people can't wait to spend time outside, put away their winter boots, and get ready for the warm weather.  Paul Kenneth Salon is ready for you to look your best!  Here are some ways to prepare your body and appearance for springtime:
Get A Fresh New Color on Your Nails or Hair 

Chances are, most of us haven't worn open-toed shoes in months, and our feet probably aren't looking their best right now.  Take this opportunity to schedule appointment  for a pedicure at Paul Kenneth Salon, (express or full, whatever suits your needs)!  The most popular colors this spring from CND are purples, pinks, and plum  (plus  blue, green and yellow) or add any pearly, sparkle or shimmer to make your color pop. 
Don't forget, we also feature our Extended Wear Polishes for both hands and feet, which means no dry time plus shiny and chip-free polish for up to 2 weeks!

Brighten Up Your Hair Color
Spring hair trends include shorter cuts and pretty highlights.  Jennifer Aniston recently created a lot of buzz by cutting several inches off her hair, and this look is sure to be trend setting.  Many looks feature lighter hair colors and caramel tones, which flatter nearly every skin tone.  You can alter your hair color by asking for a few face-framing highlights to achieve a sun-kissed look, or go for a more drastic change with a full head of highlights or all-over color to give dimension and shine to your hair.

Schedule Waxing Services   

With spring break coming up soon and summer right behind it, you'll be wearing a swimsuit soon!  Make sure your body is free of any unwanted hair by scheduling waxing services at Paul Kenneth Salon.  Waxing is the quickest and easiest way to remove both body and facial hair, plus results last for weeks, so the upkeep isn't overwhelming. 
Springtime is a great opportunity to make sure you look and feel your best, so take advantage of all the services Paul Kenneth Salon offers in order to achieve this! Any body waxing services are provided in a private room, facial waxing is by choice of a private room, our service providers receive extensive training and will give you a thorough consultation to figure out the best look for you every time you come in. 
Trust all of your beauty needs to Paul Kenneth Salon and you won't have to worry!

paul kenneth haircoloring salon & spa, the leading color salon in greater Boston.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PK Salon, Selected 'Top 200 Salon' In The United States (2nd year in row)

The Paul Kenneth Salon was selected as one of the Top 200 Salons in The United States for a second consecutive year in a row (2010 & 2011).

Salon Today says...."If you were to pick a theme word for 2011’s SALON TODAY 200, it would be VALIDATION. This year’s competition measured all areas of salon business in calendar years 2008 and 2009—two of the toughest years for all businesses. For a salon to not only survive, but thrive during these years, strong leadership, solid systems, motivated employees and loyal customers were mandatory."

The Paul Kenneth Salon was measured in all areas and lead the way in Customer Service, Technology, Employee Compensation & Benefits, and Growth.  Achieving this level of recognition was done through outstanding customer service loyalty programs.

We want to thank our loyal customers. You are the reason we are here.

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater Boston.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Consultations at Paul Kenneth Salon

Consultations at Paul Kenneth Salon
Paul Kenneth Salon's hair designers have three standard questions that they will ask you:
What do you like about your hair?
It is important to know what you like, so our designers can enhance these aspects of your look. We especially want to know if you like the length, fringe and shape.
What are you currently NOT liking about your hair?
What made you decide to come to Paul Kenneth Salon?  We want to make sure to address your concerns: split ends, faded hair color, outdated style, etc.  Whatever your needs are, we want to know so we can recommend a hair style to fit them.
Tell us about the styling portion of your day.
Our designers need to know if you have time for a high-maintenance look, or if a quicker and easier style is better for your life.  They also want to make sure that you have the tools and products that you need to re-create your salon look at home.  We never want you to experience the feeling of getting a perfect style from your designer but then not being able to do it on your own!
Salon Products and Techniques
Your salon experience will also include education about Paul Kenneth products, tools, and styling techniques.  There's nothing more frustrating than getting a great haircut and then not being able to make it look the same when you style it yourself.  Our designers will show you how to achieve that same look at home, and will recommend the products, brushes, and other tools that are necessary to do so.
Hair Style Recommendations
Once our designers have the answers to their questions from you, they will then make a recommendation that is tailored just for you.  Paul Kenneth Salon Designers are experts in hair design, so they will take many things into consideration -- your face shape, skin tone, eye color, hair texture, styles you may mention, and many more factors.  Don't be surprised if you come in for a haircut and receive information about color or another process.  They want to ensure you know all of the options available to give you the best recommendation for your look. 
Your hair is your most important accessory because it represents who you are, every day.  You want to trust the professionals at Paul Kenneth Salon to make expert recommendations so that your hair is the most flattering accessory that you have.

paul kenneth salon, the most sought after salon in greater Boston