Thursday, November 29, 2012





A ponytail can be fashionable—not merely functional. Here's how:
1.start the french in the middle of the head in back with slightly damp hair, continue down to the nape of the neck, staying close to the neck and wrap to the front of the face with the braid.
2. Tie the braid at the ends of the hair and push downward and pull out slightly to get a bit of a loose look in the braid.





You don't always have to play it straight when you have chin-length hair. For an elegant change, start by creating a deep side part, then take a two-inch section of hair at the center of the hairline (where bangs would be) and roll it away from the face around a medium-size hot roller. While that cools, wrap just the ends of the rest of your hair around a half-inch-barrel curling iron so they flick down and a bit outward. Take out the hot roller, guide the front section into a low swept bang leaving a hint of the eye , and mist all over with aerosol hair spray.





To get the look, curl your hair in large sections with a one-inch-barrel curling iron, starting at the middle of the head, leaving the top with a straighter look. That way, the waves will look more natural. When finished, use your fingers instead of a brush to separate the curls.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN, PK'S UNIVERSE, ''Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving"

Here in the United States, Thursday we celebrate the annual holiday of Thanksgiving.  A special day we set aside to reflect back on the past year and give thanks for everything we have been blessed with while remembering our past and history.  Because today is a day of thanks, we would like to offer a sincere, “Thank you,” to each and every one of you.

While we have mentioned it several times here on the blog, we always like to re-iterate the point on Thanksgiving Day especially…  we are truly thankful for the incredible opportunity we have to get to work with so many wonderful people, not just here at The Paul Kenneth Salon, but guest that we touch everyday.  Every year we have the opportunity to actually change peoples lives through beauty. This industry is one of the last of the industries that allows us to touch people.  We have had the great opportunity to work with the guest that has their hair growing back from chemo, the children that cut off their hair for 'locks of love', models that are showcased in magazines across the world to Paul McCartney on his tour through Boston. We have been truly blessed at The Paul Kenneth Salon.

So while it may or may not be “Thanksgiving Day” for you as you read this, depending where in the world you are located, I offer you our sincere thanks for all of the interactions we have had over the past year(s), as well as for everything you do to help the millions of guests you touch each and every day to enrich their lives and full potential through the power of beauty.  A very Happy Thanksgiving day to all of you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The weather in New York City has been just beautiful lately--no humidity, crisp fall climes with lovely blue skies. But we know what's coming: dreadful snowstorms, crazy hair-snapping cold spells, and dare we say it--hat hair. Yuk! This year, I plan to head off bad winter hair by being prepared! Here, some top tips from Paul Kenneth, owner of Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa, on how to best winterproof your locks.

Stock up on leave-in conditioners and protective oils!

Moisture and natural hair go hand in hand. You must keep your locs moisturized in order to retain growth and prevent damage and breakage. The protective oils acts as a cozy coat between your hair and the heat. During the cold dryness of the winter months, damage from a curling or straightening iron can be worse than usual.  I suggest using PK Moroccan Shampoo and Conditioner in the winter because is helps keep your hair hydrated and prevents breakage and split ends. Wash once a week and deep condition using PK Spa MD Keratin Infused Luxurious Hair Mask conditioner. Follow up monthly with a Keratin Infused treatment using my PK Keratin Treament. This will keep your hair hydrated and healthy during the dry winter months.

If you're straightening out or curling up, coat your hair with a leave-in oil such as PK Moroccan Oil. This product contains has Moroccan Oil, so it really works to protect your locks. Thes oild are used many times as a rust protectant for woodworking tools . . . so it means business!

let your hair air-dry,as much as possible, before blow-drying it completely. The less hot air you infuse into your locks with the dryer, the more moisture you'll seal in from your shampoo and conditioning products. Use Moroccan styling products to help with dry time and air styling.

Keep frizz away
Frizzy hair is one of the worst things about the winter's dryness (think static cling, hat hair . . . yuk!). Stop the problem before it begins. I love anti-frizz products and swear by them during the winter. My favorites are PK Smooth Reaction, PK Frizz Zero, PK Texture Shine, and more.  All of them use  a vary small amount because of the concentration of product. One of my favorite, old school technique, is putting a small amount of finishing spray on a hairbrush, and lightly brush it through your hair from top to bottom.  I use this techniques on all my photoshoots so that very little product is used to get a great static free result.

Vitamin D & Hair Growth
Its winter time and the sun is not out as much which means you may need to supplement the vitamin D your NOT getting from the sun through eating high vitamin D content foods such as salmon, tuna, eggs among just to name a few. Vitamin D prevents hair loss which is exactly what we don't want in the winter. If you notice excess shedding in the winter months a lack of vitamin D may be to blame. I recommend eating foods that contain vitamin D but if you must take a supplement please consult your doctor first.

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