Thursday, June 21, 2012


We’ve all seen it, blondes can either be bombshells like Marilyn Monroe, or they can just bomb like some of the young Hollywood crowd that shall remain nameless. To avoid mishaps, we always ask two questions, “Cool or Warm?” and “Dark or Light?”

Cool or warm? Does your guest look better in a bright pink shirt or bright orange shirt? If bright pink, their skin tone is cool and best tones are icy blondes or cool blondes that have no yellow or gold. If they look better in orange, then golden warm blondes are best for their skin tone. Light or dark? If they look better in pink, then try burgundy-if the pink looks better, stay lighter and go blonde…if the burgundy looks better, try a cool rich brunette to prevent washing out their skin tone. If they look best in bright orange, try a deep copper/brown shirt. Bright orange looks great with golden highlights, or go strawberry blonde. If deep copper brown looks best, take the leap and try to convince them to be an amazing redhead.  If the client is not aware, The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa has a color analysis service to determine the individual color that looks best on the clients.
To keep the looks natural we like to maintain depth and create natural looking highlights with modern baliage and ombré techniques, then we advise the guest to have a color applied between highlight appointments to maintain shine, richness or minimize brassiness. Their schedule looks like this: Week 1: highlights and hair cut, Week 5: hair cut and color, Week 10: highlights and hair cut. If their really fighting the brassy because they love the sun and hate the hats, at home, shampoo with Paul Kenneth True Hue Highlight and kiss the brass goodbye.  Please make sure you are conditioning with a deep conditioner, such as Paul Kenneth ColorMoist Conditioner. The key to great color is great condition.
So many designers skip the at home maintenance conversation, but the truth is, your guest is a walking advertisement for you, so if their hair looks bad between appointments, people will think it’s your doing. We all have guests that say their color doesn’t last when we know it’s because they haven’t taken proper care of it, so take the time to discuss maintenance and your work will look better longer and be your best advertisement!
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FROM 'THE MASTER ARTISAN' PK'S CORNER PRESENTS, 'Want a MakeOver ($1000 value)...''

FROM 'THE MASTER ARTISAN'  PK'S CORNER PRESENTS, ......and a luxurious basket of PK Professional Products (up to $1000 value)...''


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Friday, June 8, 2012


One of the challenges of summer is that, in spite of all we do to protect our skin and hair from the potential damage of the sun, our hair stresses out as a result of the effects of chlorine and other chemicals from swimming pools as well as salt water at the beach. 

Clarifying Shampoo Treatment by PK Professional is a deep cleansing shampoo that does more than just wash your hair. Clarifying Shampoo Treatment reaches deep into the hair to help neutralize chlorine and remove minerals. It cleanses hair of all build-up, coatings and oils while helping to prevent and repair chlorine damage. Clarifying Shampoo Treatment moisturizes dry, brittle hair. Use it before and after chlorine exposure. Follow up with an instant or deep conditioner and your hair will look like you spent all day in the salon instead of lounging by the pool. This shampoo helps prevents oxidation and, like all of our shampoos, is color safe. Yet, despite its intense deep cleansing properties, Clarifying Shampoo Treatment is mild enough to use as your regular shampoo. It's a must have all year round for swimmers and other athletes as well as those who have well water that contain various mineral deposits.
Clarifying Shampoo Treatment is a great example of a product that combines the best of nature and science to neutralize the effects of chlorine, protect color, create shine, strengthen, smooth and provide moisture.  

Clarifying Shampoo Treatment can be used as a treatment under a plastic cap for 10-15 minutes for enhanced benefits. It's great for the scalp.

Clarifying Shampoo Treatment by PK Professional  helps you maintain healthier hair all year round. 

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