Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN, PK'S UNIVERSE, The Hottest 'Knot' Look For Long Hair?"

Spring 2013 brings in an easy to do and easy to wear updo.  The Looped Updo is what Salon Owner and Celebrity Stylist see as one of the hottest trends of the season!  With the right products just about any guest can create this look at home.  First a guest needs to have hair that is collar bone length or longer.  So this look is reserved for those with longer hair.  To keep long hair strong and shiny, try Long and Strong by Paul Kenneth Professional along with Spa Md Shampoo and Conditioner.  They add extra strengtheners to help prevent split ends and give long hair lots of body.  Next to create The knotted/Looped Updo, start with dry hair.  Part your hair in the center or into a deep side part, another hot trend for this spring.  Squeeze a small amount of Smoothe by Paul Kenneth Professional, a flexible holding hair groom, into your hands and gently work thru dry hair lightly scrunching with your fingertips as you go.  Although this cream is traditionally used to blow dry wet hair, it also works great to create this new spring 
trend.  You don't need to apply a lot, just enough to add the texture you need to achieve this look.  While the product is still slightly damp, work  hair back into a very low ponytail and secure with a hair band.  Next, form the ponytail into a 
small to medium size loop and wrap part of it around the hair band to conceal it.  Pin loosely into place.  This look is supposed to look a bit undone and imperfect.  For a light hold to keep everything in place and to tuck in loose ends, mist on a few pumps of Flexible Hold Spray.  This spray is easy to work with and gives hair more hold as you layer.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FROM THE MASTER ARTISAN, PK'S UNIVERSE, What Blonde Bombshells Are You?"


Blondes with brown or hazel eyes, like Stacy (similiar to Carrie Underwood), need to build dimension from the roots. "Whatever color the lightest flecks of your eyes are, that should be your base," PK says. Request a quick "base bump" to warm up the roots first, and consider caramel or honey lowlights to bring out your eyes. Otherwise, a color like this could wash you out.


Your mom may have called it "dishwater blonde," but model, Heather (similiar to Taylor Swift's dark blonde), almost brown shade is now the most coveted among our clients.  It's the most natural and the hardest to get," PK says. Ask your colorist for a dark ash blonde base with subtle highlights through the ends and around the top.  "This is definitely on the darker blonde side," PK says.


Highlights are a great way for brunettes to experiment with going blonde. gently hand-painting on different shades of lightening cream without foil to mimic the effect of the sun. The technique, called balayage, requires skill, so make sure to find a colorist who specializes in it before booking your appointment.