Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brian and Sandra Smith Educate Exclusively with The PK Team

Brian and Sandra Smith host the whole Paul Kenneth Team, one on one. They showed the team some extensive upstyle work, unique haircuts and more. The Team is very excited to incorporate some of the new techniques into their guests styles. The team was grateful to spend such exclusive time with the dynamic duo.


A bit of history, Brian and Sandra Smith, Matrix Artistic Directors have been long associated eith the beauty industry. They were voted 2 0f the top 75 'Educators of The Century', by Modern Salon Readers. In 2006, they won International Stylists of the Year in the Canadian Mirror Awards. In 2008, they were Avante Garde finalists in the AIPP Awards in Paris France.

In 2009, The Smith's won the prestigious "Master's Hairstylists of the Year Award."

The Designers of Paul Kenneth Salon look forward to servicing you with these new techniques.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paul Kenneth Salon, Readers Choice Award, 2011

Thank you to all of our loyal clients who voted for us. We appreciate your support and want you to know how much this award means to us. Our goal is to always make you look and feel your best -- that's why your votes, mean so much to us. We strive to provide the highest quality services of any salon in the area, and it looks like our hard work has paid off!  We promise to keep giving you the individual attention and quality services that you have come to expect every time you come to Paul Kenneth Salon.
Look for a special section featuring all the winning businesses, including Paul Kenneth Salon, on June 23rd.

paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Want To Look and Feel Younger, PK Has The Revolutionary, First To Market....

The Paul Kenneth Salon is proud to announce the coming of the amazing 'Satin Smooth Delux SmoothSculpt'. It utilizes pressure pulsing and gentle suction action to fight the appearance of stagnation, leaving skin healthy looking, Contours, tightens, tones and defines loose, sagging skin and fine wrinkles anywhere on the body or face.  No harsh chemicals, moves toxins through naturally (kim kardashian favorite tool for her booty)  More details to come.........

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Intercoiffure America-Canada's Spring Symposium

The industry's best and brightest gathered in Miami's South Beach for Intercoiffure America-Canada's Spring Symposium.  Vivienne Mackinder, a well-known leader and innovator in the hair design field, was a key presenter and styled many of the hair models to demonstrate the latest trends. Her theme of "Shadows and Shapes" brings an architectural look to hairstyles with clean lines, strong edges, and softened styles with an abstract look. Hair color ranges from avant-garde blue to orange-y red to the beautiful classic shades of blonde and brunette.
While some of the hairstyles you see at these types of shows aren't necessarily ready-to-wear, you can interpret them to a wearable, easy-to-manage style with the help of a Paul Kenneth Salon's hair designer. See a certain look that appeals to you? Examine the elements that you like specifically: is it the clean lines? the length? the angle? There are many components to a hair style and your professional stylist at Paul Kenneth Salon can help you determine a look that will work best for your specific face shape, hair texture, and preferences -- that's what our  consultation is for!
Intercoiffure is a worldwide organization made up of over 3,000 of the highest-quality salons across 55 countries. Paul Kenneth Salon is proud to be part of this association and views it as yet another seal of quality for our professionals and the work they create.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feathers, The Latest Hair Trend!

Birds of a feather - flock together in blond hair, brunette hair, any color. The latest hair trend isn't so much for the birds but for the fashion-forward.
It's feather extensions for your hair. Or, as Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa calls it - Feather Fringe.
"It has been an amazing hair phenomenon," said Paul Kenneth, Paul Kenneth Salon. "They can go anywhere from classic to funky to colorful. It's a real, full gamut of opportunity for every type of person."
The salon just added Feathers and bling strands to its list of services last week. It costs $15 a feather or five for $60.
They come in a variety of shades, from neutrals to neon-colored. Pure-white feathers can accent a bride's hair. It might sound odd, but it is  gorgeous.
"It's been really popular for people who have to have more of a conservative style," she said. "The feathers give you edge, but they're easily hidden if you want."
The feathers attach at the base of the hair shaft like regular hair extensions. And in case you were wondering, the feather extensions are pretty durable and can be curled, flat-ironed and blow-dried.

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paul kenneth salon, the leading color salon in greater boston