Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Once worked on a legend, now is a well known industry icon himself! As Paul states in the article below, "He was chosend to do Paul McCartneys hair by his strong reputation in the industry in 2002." He also states, "He hopes he is not awestruck, just so excited to be a part of the Paul McCartney Tour."  Well, he did a great job then and continues to demand excellence from his himself and those around him, namely his design team. He continues to push forward making his mark on the industry by doing photo shoots with the Global Hair and Fashion Group and The Paul Kenneth Design Team, becoming one of the most published salons in the United States. Not to mention, bringing on business partner Jackie Maniaci to run the operation...making it 'One Of The Top 200 Salons in the United States, 3 years running.'

Once 'A Day in in the Life' of Paul Kenneth means doing McCartney's hair in 2002 has morphed into 'A Day In The Life' of The Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa delivering that 'Royal McCartney Treatment' to each and every client that comes through our doors!

Paul Kenneth still demands high excellence today!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

FROM 'THE MASTER ARTISAN' PK'S CORNER PRESENTS, 'Intercoiffure Creative Director, Vivienne Mackinderr'...''


by Vivienne Mackinder
Fashion Director, Intercoiffure America/Canada
Color by Sue Pemberton
Whisper. Scream. Shout. Three active verbs,
connoting sound and emotion—shorthand for
the story of this collection.
The silhouettes in this collection are defined by
color—delicate ‘whisper’ blondes, elegant reds,
and finally, expensive jewel tones that scream
with intensity. The interplay between cut and
color infuses each look with life.
A Wall Street broker. A writer. A matron with
a penchant for haute couture. An avant-garde
model. Each client is an individual, with her own
voice. We must develop a range of styles to
match her unique lifestyle statement.
Our gift is to be able to project the client’s
voice through the medium of our expertise.
It’s how we add value to our services. A client
who leaves the salon with color that could have
come out of a box or a cookie-cutter style is a
misused opportunity.
As artists, we must be able to whisper, shout
and even scream, depending on the statement
the client wants to make.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


CUT it may sound conterintuitive, but getting ends blunt-trimmed every 5 weeks will keep your hair healthier and keep you looking your best while you grow into having lengthier locks. Keeping layers skillfully shaped by your Paul Kenneth Designer can also create an illusion of longer hair when the layers blend smoothly. And stay positive. Think of the growing-out process as an adventure, not an ordeal. With eac inch of growth you'll have the chance to explore new style options at every salon visit.  You may even discover a style you absolutely love before you reach your full length goal.

COLOR modern hair coloring formulas do much more than change the color of your hair- they also act as conditioning treatments, which improves the quality and beauty of your tresses in many ways. Here are just a few benefits of hair color...
          Better Body: Hair color fills in and plumps the hair shaft, which adds an impression of volume and dimension.
         Shine and Texture: Color helps to seal the cuticle on each stand of hair, making it look glossier and feel silkier, with more bounce and swing.
    The Wow Factor: The best hair color for you is one that does the most to compliment your facial features, skin tone and eye color.  Your Paul Kenneth Designer will consult with you on our many color options, from the subtle: a few brightening highlights or a subdued shift in your natural color-to the sensational: a distinct color change or a dramatic weaving of shades and tones. Whatever color direction you choose, you'll find your hair will be better for it- stronger, healthier, easier to style. 

CONDITION Fact: the further away hair is from your scalp, the more fragile it becomes. The longest few inches are the most prone to dryness, breaking and developing split ends. Not to worry. Paul Kenneth's cache of corrective salon conditioning treatments focuses in on whatever your hair needs to be stronger, shinier, and healthier from roots to ends. You're investing mega effort into growing your hair, so protecting  your investment is absolutely essential.

Talk to your Paul Kenneth Designer about treatment options. They will be happy to evaluate your hair and recommend the right one for you.  Choices range from our ten minute damage control to complete repair and restructuring of your hair with our very own Keratin Smoothing Treatments.

CARE How to treat your hair on a daily basis has a direct affect on its growth potential. The right professional shampoo, conditioner and styling formulas for your hair type will help you keep the upper hand with your hair as it grows to the length you want. Every product that carries the Paul kenneth name is developed by highly experienced product designer and cosmetic chemists. They are then put through rigorous testing by stylists before used on our clients.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Growing your hair is not a destination. Its a journey of discovery-especially when you have the experts at The Paul Kenneth Salon to create every possible styling option for you as your grow into a new hair length.

I spend a fair amount of time in airports and shopping malls, which gives me ample opportunity to people watch. Often, what I see is women who appear to be letting their hair grow but don't realize that bad hair days don't have to be part of the process.  I wish I could tell each one that the way to di it is to 'grow into' a new hair style. Then the growing process can be a journey of discovery, rather than an endless ordeal of bobby pins, bad ponytails and ball caps...that whatever your growth goal, The Paul Kenneth Designers can help you love the way you look every inch of the way.---PK  (

with every inch of growth, you and your designer have an opportunity to explore new styles direction.

a pixie can soon become soft face framing layers. A chil length bob can become a shoulder-skimming long bob in a few months. And growing into each new style effortlessly can be as simple as following The Paul Kenneth's Four C's for great hair at every length: Cut, Color,Condition,Care.

If particular hairstyle has caught your eye, we've found that sharing a photo of it with your designer is a sure way to get both of you on the same page when it comes to creating your new look. the best places to shop for your new style: Fashion and beauty magazines of course is one of the most published salon in the U.S., as well as, popular celebrity internet sites. You can usually print out photos of the style that appeals to you, whether it's on a model or  a celebrity or you can create your own at home or on site at The Paul kenneth Salon