Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa continue to deliver world class Cover Page Models. The Paul Kenneth Salon is one of the most published salons. Below are two of the most recent, behind the scenes with the Paul Kenneth Design Team, producing cover page models.

paul kenneth salon & spa, the leading color salon in greater boston

Thursday, February 23, 2012


At Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa, we welcome everybody of every age to experience the world class customer service and the expert beauty practices we pride ourselves in nationally and globally. As one of the fastest growing salons in the country, we service new guests through everyday, many of which bring plenty of concerns to our beauty experts. Understanding this, and the so highly regarded reputation our brand carries throughout the beauty industry, we believe that reaching out and building trust to our potential clients is a must before they even enter through our doors. Experience has taught us a handful of concerns new guests typically speak to us about coupled with our specialized talent and knowledge to correct such concerns is what sets us apart in the industry. So, new guests and continued guests, we will be happy to share with you the answers to some of the questions we know you may have!

Concern-“My last hair dresser just kept doing the same thing over and over again…”- At Paul Kenneth, we are not just hairdressers, we are designers! Our team is composed of creative and competent individuals who are committed to giving all out guests 'The Wow Factor' ultimate beauty experience. We do not just do hair cuts and we do not just do hair color, we are beauty innovators that create color! We are always up to date on the latest trends and industry education to better serve you and to customize your beauty needs to keep you feeling 'The Wow Factor' after each and every visit. Welcome to P.K. Salon!

Concern-“I can’t ever get my hair to look the same at home”- We believe in creating beauty that can be recreated at home, because our obligation is to make you feel beautiful everyday, not once a month. We will design your hair and educate you through the whole process. We are recognized for the versatility and wearability 'unparalleled classic fashion' in our styles and our experts can work with you during your visit to provide you with simple and easy tips for day to day styling to keep you at your best between visits. Education at P.K. Salon

Concern- “I don’t know what products to use in my hair”- With so many different hair products on the market, we understand the challenges of understand exactly what your hair needs for what reason and what won’t work for your hair. Every guest we service is unique and must be treated so, even when it comes to the choice of product selection. Between our PK Professionals products and our PK Echo Chic products, we are able to cater to every hair type and need imaginable. P.K. Salon's Store

Concern - “I want grey coverage that doesn’t look boring”- Whether we are handling a younger woman who is just beginning to grey or a more mature woman who needs complete coverage, we believe they are entitled to “The Wow Factor” just as the rest of our guest. We have several options for grey coverage depending on desired looks. Our Paul Kenneth Professionals know exactly what it takes make anyone of any age group feel their most fabulous 'Wow'. Paul Kenneth's Salon - Woburn, MA, 01801 - Citysearch

Concern - “I know I shouldn’t, but I HAVE to wash my hair everyday”- We run into this frequently. The reason for this Concern is the science of the scalp. Your scalp naturally produces oil to hydrate and condition your hair. Every type of shampoo, in the cleansing process, strips the hair of those natural oils. Just like your facial skin, if you consistently wash, it will become dry and lifeless. This is because the repeated shampooing strips hair of the oils. This is why shampooing 2 or 3 times a week is recommended to slow down the production of these oils. Over shampooing can also result in color fading and faster depletion of hair treatments. It is imperative to replenish the hair and scalp with these essential oils every time you shampoo. Shampoo & Conditioners - P.K. Salon!

PK Designers, Lindsay and Amy
Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa, best color salon in greater Boston 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Though not the most popular color when you walk down the street, redheads are so important to the success of a salon.  Red may not be the color that everyone asks for, but an amazing redhead is the color that people admire, talk about and notice when they walk in or out of a salon. What are the keys to a great redhead? There are two that we focus on - wearability and reflect.
Salon created redheads have long suffered with the challenge of fadage, and with new technology, education and the right take home products, this is no longer a problem we hairdressers can't fix (PK Pro ®  by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa).  It used to be the color and not having the right products for the guest to maintain what was beautiful in the salon, from washing away.  Today with new technology that allows color to "grip" hair in new ways enabling the color to become more stable in the hair and resist fading, combined with Ceramides that help improve hair quality while coloring, fadage is something that is more cause-effect (like going the beach without a hat) than washed away.  I love proving to salons guests that we can create a great fade proof red with the right products. As you know, I love my (PK Pro ®  by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa) or even my dry shampoo that we spoke about last week PK Pro NO H2O® by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa , and the right professional products for at home will maintain the vibrant color.  When you want to challenge a guest and show them that you can create the red they have always wanted, tell them to judge your work/their color on not just how it looks when they leave the salon (that should always be great), instead tell them to judge how great their color is by how it looks when they return for their appointment 4-5 weeks later.

With redheads, the fact that the hair is red, is not really what your eye is picking up on, it is the second and third reflect that really excites our eyes.  Is it red/red, red/violet, red/orange, red/copper, red/gold or red/brown?  Sometimes even red/copper/copper or red/copper/gold or even red/copper/brown, but it is always the copper, copper/gold or violet that is really grabbing our attention. So, next time you want to have fun with a redhead, play with the second and third reflects - it can make a winter red have new pop for spring summer.
This year, we are celebrating haircolor all year long and want to share ideas that will have us 'Celebrating Your Color' that you create everyday.  If you have a great tip for redheads, let us know at <>…and the next blog we'll share ideas.

paul kenneth salon, the greatest color salon in greater boston

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Going out tonight? Want to add some quick soft, sexy waves to day old straight hair? This trick works best on medium to longer length hair. Randomly divide dry hair into 3 or 4 sections and working one section at a time, mist the section with PK Pro NO H2O® by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa and gently brush through. Mist again lightly and then twist each section into medium to large knots and then pin at the scalp. To get big volume, you may want to use the powder version of no h2o, aim the twists for the top of the head and the crown area. The higher the elevation, the more volume you will get. For medium volume, aim for the round of the head. Thicker hair texture that require little to no volume, aim the knots toward the bottom of the hairline around the head. Then mist the entire head with a resin-free texture building product to create texture with a bit of natural hold and then try while you touch up your makeup. (For more hold, try the PK PRO Hairspray® by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa) Once dry untwist the knots and tousle with fingers and you are date-ready with light hold and tons of shine with no build-up!

NO h2o and powder photo

This technique controls and smoothes naturally wavy hair also. Just skip the brush and gently separate and smooth each section with fingertips. Also remember, the bigger the section the bigger the wave.

The messy half-up, half down look is a big trend right now. What’s great is that this is also an easy way to help today’s busy gal for when she is running late. The look actually works better when the texture is not perfect so this style works when you are in a hurry or don’t have time to wash and style your hair. Simply scrunch dry hair with a combination lightweight holding and hair refreshing product. . Lightly mist a section the lightly scrunch and gently hold each section for 3-5 sections. When finished, use your fingers, not a comb, to section the top half of your hair, meaning from the ears on up, and pull back into a ponytail in the center of the back of your head, wrap loose end around ponytail base, and secure with bobby pins.

A hybrid of this technique can be used to help preserve hair during exercise when you have to go back to the office or out in public afterwards. This also helps to keep hair out of your face during yoga practice or exercise and to make hair look great afterwards. Before putting your hair into a twist or braid, lightly spray hair with a product that is both a hair refreshing and a light styling product. Then put hair into 2 ponytails, twist for soft curls or braid them for soft waves. No H2O® by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa gives the hair and scalp the fantastically fresh scent.   After exercise, take braids or twists out to reveal a great back-to-work look. Your hair will look as great as you feel. Great for younger gals to refresh hair after gym class!

Sometimes when there is just no salvaging your hair, try wearing one of today’s trendy hat looks, the Fedora! Hair will still need a bit of help so here’s what to do. First know that the best hair texture to contrast the angles of this hat style is loose feminine waves.

This type of hat has very sharp “menswear” angles. This is off-set by the softer hairstyle. This type of hair style works best on just below the chin to medium to longer length hair. If hair has a natural wave, simply wake up the wave by lightly scrunching in a hair freshening product. If the hair is straight, lightly mist sections and then use a big barrel curling iron to add curls, some facing towards and some facing away from the face PK PRO Hairspray® by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa contains weightless moistures and heat protectors. Re-spray the hair and smooth and finger-style to finish, then do your Fedora and you are ready to face the day!

To look great for an evening or holiday event right after work try this look-good quick tip. Bring 6-8 big hairpins and a hair refresh product to work that day. Mist on the product to freshen hair and give hair some texture to hold the style. If hair is medium to long in length, grab hair into a ponytail in the back and twist. Simply insert pins up and down the twist to hold in place using PK PRO Hairspray® by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa. Spray again to hold. If you want a fuller ponytail or chignon style set the entire head in hot rollers with a light holding product or scrunch dry hair into waves with the same type of product. Try No H2O® by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa create a clean surface, add shine, texture, color protection.
Not shampooing everyday also has its benefits to the hair as it helps to eliminate frizz and dryness by allowing natural oils from the scalp to travel further down the hair shaft. Instead alternate with a hair freshening product that leaves behind more body, control and a great scent. Lightly mist all over the hair and then gently brush hair with a natural boar bristle brush. No H2O® by Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa also has a powder version for those that want to create more volume.

Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa, The leading color salon in greater boston