Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Help, I dyed my hair and now it's orange. What do I do now?

Home hair coloring! This is so common! Many times someone walks into a store, reads a box of hair color, and believes that's it. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. There's a lot of science and chemistry that goes into hair coloring, as well as, the laws of color and equally important, the years of experience.

Lets begin by saying that orange is the result of trying to lighten hair. Here then lies one of the problems. How much damage was done to the hair structure? Was a permanent / semi-permanent/ or lightener used at home? There are many other factors that have to be considered. The best advice is to seek out the experience of a skilled professional who has strong training in the laws of color, as well as, the science and chemistry of hair and hair color, itself.

At the Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa all of our colorist are trained extensively in all areas of hair color. We have a deep back ground In science, chemistry, as well as the laws of color. Our first consideration is not to compromise the hair any further than what might already have been done. So, in our consultation we are very clear and articulate up front to what can and can't be done. Remember hair color is not permanent. With our training and experience, we are able to fix these problems.

Inthe world of color, hair is considered to be a fabric. If not treated for properly the fabric will begin to breakdown and cannot be repaired, it needs to be cut off. Think of a pair of denim jeans that have been washed 100 times and worn 200 times...eventually they turn into cutoffs because the knees and hemline get worn out and have rips and tears. The hair color is only going to look as good as the canvas you are putting it on. With that said when the hair is orange; you need to proceed with caution; trying to get it lighter at home will only create more problems internally and externally to the hair fiber. We deal with corrective situations on a daily basis. During your consultation your stylist will determine the level of correction: mild moderate or extreme. What determines which category the “orange hair” will fall into will depend on what you want as an end result. Then, the proper steps will be taken to get you to your desired color.
We can't emphasis enough the stress the hair goes through when 'at home' hair color goes wrong. What you put on your hair on daily basis has a huge impact on the overall health of the hair along with longevity of color. Deep conditioners, gentle shampoos, along with less frequent shampooing is all part of the equation. Our exclusive line of PK Professional products encompasses all hair types and styling needs. Paul Kenneth recommends the PK SpaMD shampoo andconditioner, our Eco friendly line, especially ELIXER 11. Please don't try to to fix this at home or with an inexperienced stylist.
Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa, the greatest hair coloring salon in greater Boston.
written by Paul Kenneth, Amy Roche and Jackie Maniaci

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